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There have been three real problems encountered on Android that allow the configuration device to view the enhanced image in PNG format. Error in the system from the 7th to 9th current, has been corrected in the security newspapers in February.

Google has spread and certifies the breakdown in Android February security security in February, so if Android is upgraded, the tumor does not affect you. The problem was the problem; There is a PNG code that was modified, in particular, a code unhappy on the device. The error was found on Android 7 to 9, but Google says that it did not find a problem of abuse.

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If you have sins in your February, you do not worry.

You do not have the relevant error if you have a direct phone from Google, Android One, or one of the makers who regularly distribute security turfs – you have a downloaded document or downloaded in the next few days or weeks. If not, consider the time to change the device and maybe other makers choose the safety of your devices.

The security update situation has improved considerably over the last few years, and their split is not dependent on the current version of your system, so you can have an opportunity on April 8 for example.

What is the best choice for Android? Net or factory changes? You can vote in this article.

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