Anica left hospital, she's alive! It suffers from bad schizophrenia

According to police, Anna Beran could be very dangerous – herself, not around. "A woman suffers from a bad schizophrenic, out of fact and a little self-esteem," said spokesman. police Jan Danek.

The patient left the psychiatric hospital at Bohnice during Wednesday. She was in hospital with her own request, so she could go. However, she did not know where she was going, and according to physicians who could be at risk of life, so the police had launched a search.

The police also want their public to get help. It would appear that a woman would have to move around Prague. If you could see Anna or know where she could be, contact the police on the emergency line 158.

The woman is a medium, smaller, measuring about 165 to 180 centimeters. She has depressed hair and her blue eyes. She can use black-haired coat, black shoes and black leather trousers.

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