Another good step for humanity. The Americans return to the moon, Russia's Russian race race go

"When we say we want to go back to the" Moon ", it may mean that we will do the same fifty years ago. But I to make it clear that we have a different vision. We go to the moon with innovative technologies and systems to explore more surface areas than we've ever been thinking about & 39; it could be done. When we travel to the moon, we'll stay there, "wrote NASA leader.

According to it, NASA is now working closely with private companies to develop technologies that need to; live on the moon. There are already the first commercial goods journeys that will be moved to Moon by the end of the year. The next step is to create a space station or to tap a & # 39; moon within the Deep Space Gate program and its development of renewable wind modes. The way out of the Land of SLS and Orion suppliers that appears.

"We are working actively with the best United States experts. I may have lost its first time on moonlight, but I'm working and I'm sure I'll see the next thing. Along with the rest of the world, "said Bridenstine.

Russia is also trying to fly on her & # 39; moon. A plane of pilot aircraft to the moon was released on Saturday with her & # 39; Roskosmos Russian spatial group. The first Russian astronauts should go there in 2031. A year later, the pier needs to go to; travel for another flight. In 2033, spaceships will also travel longer, and in 2034 they start to & # 39; build a foundation on the moon.

The United States President Donald Trump named the rule of preparing a new mission that was instigated in the United States to Moon and later to Mars in 2017. It was confirmed on the new initiatives confirmed by Friday by Deputy Chief Mike Pence.

"We'll return to the Moon, and when we are there, the United States will go to Mars," he said at a memorial at Arlington Cemetery, where the USA is a # 39 ; the introduction of lost astronauts each year.

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