"Are you not from the competition?" The team showed another tourist crew!

At the moment, TV Nova journalist Jana Schillerov√° decided to take the test to the exchange station on the Central Station and she was very unsure about what course she would receive. "We have a thousand crowns, and we exchange for the euro and the euro again for the crowns," said the reporter.

She was surprised for the course – 35 crowns for one euro, which is even more than at the airport. So the Scotland Nova Nova team tried to negotiate if it is possible to get a better course. It is likely that, except in the case of a higher elevation. "28 crowns for the euro," said the man at the counter.

Eventually, for a thousand crowns, the reporter received 28 euro, and replaced the crowns. Although only 598 crowns were left at the airport for one mile after the Euro move, it was even less at the main station. In each case he lost 400 crowns in just a few minutes.

So the reporter tried to get the money back. He has the right to do so within three hours of the change, with thanks to an exchange officer. Behind the counter, however, the Lord suspected that the reporter was not from the National Bank of Cork or the competition. There is no user yet.

Eventually the man returned the money, but the reporter would have to complete the complaints protocol, where the first and last names are needed. Then it was enough to bring the euro back to the crowns. "Eventually, the mileage is returning to us, but it is strange when the application was made, that the master offered us a better course," Schiller said.

The agent offered a better rate of exchange when the crew complained about the matter – up to ten crowns. Instead of 35, the euro reporter would give 25 crowns, but she asked him to return money.
The railway company also gives money.

So, the reporter tried what course she would get. "The 35 euro will cost 922 crowns, or 26.35," said the man to the Czech Railway counter. Thus, visitors can find a lot more beneficial here, just a few meters from the exchange office.

The reporter tried the exchange at the Florenc bus station. Then she got most for a thousand crowns – about 38 euro, but she found no evidence in the application.

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