Babiš asked for Zeman to hold a meeting –

"The prime minister asked about it," wrote the newspaper spokesperson, Jiří Ovčáček, in a short time.

Babiš gave brief information about the meeting without further information after the government meeting. It is not clear what the Castle is going to. However the theme should be a matter of staffing changes.

For some time, there is a presumption that some ministers will be in government. Business and Commerce Minister Marta Nováková and head of the Ministry of Transport, Dan Ťok (both for ANO) should chair the Chair.

But Babis did not want to prove that the Government could be treated. "I'm not going to give an idea," he told News on Monday. According to non-official information, it should be referring to Novakova.

Havlíček for Nováková

The Vice-Chair of the Research, Development and Innovation Committee of Karel Havlíček should replace Nováková, said MF Dnes on Monday.

Nováková faced criticism for reports about mobile data. She said that for high data prices the Czechs could continue to keep themselves, because they are not interested in enough. After that, Babiš ignored her words as unacceptable.

A decision has recently been made by the Ministry of Industry to stop a representative from Taiwan's countries from meeting in the meeting with foreign investors because of their shame, as the Chinese ambassador has had a difficult problem t by being involved.

The President and the Prime Minister meet regularly once a month. The last meeting, however, was held last week at Lány Castle, where they were both dealing with the director of the antimonopoly office, Petr Rafaj, who is researching with the t The police have no fixed issues relating to taxation due to pollution.

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