Cardinal Duka gets involved. In a case of George Kylar's sexual abuse, he dropped the priest

“The Archbishop of Prague, Bishop Zdeněk Wasserbauer, met Mr Jiří Kylar on 28 March, 2019, who announced the suspected priest's sexual abuse. Last week. “The Collegium appointed by the Bishops' Conference of Remembrance praised the return of memory,” said Cardinal Duka's spokesman Stanislav Zeman on Sunday afternoon.

Kylar talked about his experiences with the Catholic priest for the first time in September last year in Call. The priest began to harass him when he was twelve years old.

"I was twelve when he started"

“When you are twelve, it's difficult to talk about. These things were taoo. I didn't speak to anyone about it, not even my parents. I took it as if I failed. The priest told me not to talk about those things, that he was fine, that those things were good to me, "said Jiří Kylar sa Call (in the opening box).

The priest who made his attack was named by Bishop Wasserbauer at the end of last week.

“Bishop Wasserbauer immediately stated a fellowship meeting to examine the accused's verification of the allegation against the minister or church staff. Members of the College heard Mr Kylar on 28 March 2019 and decided that he was correct, and the Archbishop of Prague, Cardinal Dominik Duka, as the Normal, decided to remove the priest from the service, ” t said Stanislav Zeman.

Bishop: We will do our best to do it

“Mr Kylar's statement from all that we have at the College has really moved. With his experience of it, I love it, I really value it for how he has dealt with it. I feel it has a big responsibility to make his mouth the best for him, at the most basic human level, but also for the Victim Contact Center to work as quickly as I can. and can continue to work hard in the Church on the following steps to an effective stop, "said the Bishop. Zdeněk Wasserbauer.

Particular research on sexual abuse issues in the Church can be found here: t

The program provided evidence that the Catholic Church had acquired evidence of abuse for ten years and did not prevent it. (Film:

The approach adopted by Bishop Wasserbauer is very different from that described by the Special Search. It was a series of qualifications for a number of women carrying the priest VZ, who had gathered in the bishopric at Ceske Budejovice since 2009, but the priest was only returned in January after intervention. T directly from the Vatican.

The bishop of České Budějovice, Vlastimil Kročil, asked him to apologize to the people who were suffering after the publication of the program, but he complains that he was unable to move faster. The Congregation for Bishops in Rome will now deal with the matter, possibly in extreme cases, to appeal for Krool from the bishop's position.

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