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Cardinal Duka has issued a criminal complaint for abuse

Archbishop Prague has lodged a criminal complaint against a priest who stated that he had mistreated a small Jiří Kylar at that time, at that time a pig relative. This newspaper reinforced this to the Chancellor of the Archbishop Marie Kolářová. The priest, who Cardinal Dominik Duka has already been out of service, refuses to blame the server. Kylar said in a news that Duka was beginning to discover that he was strong and principle in the last days, but he did not believe that.

An appeal by the priest suggested that the college would be preparing for similar things. Members of the college decided that he was correct, and the Archbishop of Prague, Cardinal Dominik Duka, as it was usual, decided to remove the priest from a service, "said a spokesman from Prague Prague. T Stanislav Zeman Saturday.

At the same time, the Archbishop of Prague made a criminal complaint against the priest, and his representatives, as Bishop Zdeněk Wasserbauer, were sent to the priest to make this decision personally. At this meeting, the priest refused to blame his conviction for the information given by Diary N. God, the Archbishop published the name of Kylar's permission, but refused to hand it over.

Kyi Ji aní decided not to take up his case now, as he is not fond of the position of the archbishop of Prague. Among other things, he criticizes the fact that, although the media has appeared, with his story for the first time in September 2018, now it was not months.

In a news release that was sent to the Czech News Group, Kylar was stopped for information about his case and he was very honored to some honors who did not have his office before the college. According to Kylar, a Duka so far has been looking at the abuse, his current change did not believe. “Having recently made the improvements, I have lost the last sections of confidence that the Archbishop of Prague, led by Cardinal Duka, could deal with abuse or not harm it. "he said," he said.

Kylar said at the time he was a victim of abuse at 12 years of age, he did not object to being an adult. He did not record the criminal complaint, and said that he had said everything to the priest. Kylar claims that it was the failure of an individual who was not associated with the working of the church or their legacy. Now Kylar is helping victims of domestic violence in a similar situation.

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