Dacia Duster's scuten-up is coming out! And we do not long

Is it possible to build a Duster stock, built by a Romanian company? We're good at first, Dacii and I do not really want to sell it.

Not how much did we do about the construction of Dacian Duster. At that time, a Romturingia project was given, which was given when he started a Roman. There was nothing to do with this car, although the construction appeared on an unlocking site, and the word came from the crowd.
At any time, however, a Roman car maker has decided that the buyer might first be good. All Duster builders will be created under Dacia, making it a new car converting technology that uses so many SUVs. It was officially affirmed by Hakim Boutehra, a Roman advisor, separated from Renault, under his Dacia bed.

In one of the interviews of the Renault group group, he revealed that he had to pay the cost of work available. A French company without having lost so much for the first time. We will remember the construction of Renault Oroch, which directly affects the state of the Duster technology and from 2015 to the South American market. It is still unclear what Dacia Duster's markets are currently building, but we know it can be a great deal.
And we do not even build for a long time. The project is in the process of a homologous process and if it does not happen it's amazing, the introduction and implementation will take place in the summer.
This is not what Dacia has prepared for the year. Tell us about the engine changes, which are the fastest Duster of all time. Although Boutehra was not in a concert, he revealed that the Roman character is to give you a special edition of a model. So do not be surprised

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