Disease in the area is becoming stronger. Flu is already dead

South Moravia – Oxidics will be spread in the body, two respiratory patients from Brno Sanatorium Hospital can not be able to; performing their work due to a flu disease. Two others get themselves in an essential position. A total of 15 people died in the Czech Republic, according to the State Health Institute.

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In South Moravia, according to a regional cleaning station, the number of patients increased by six per cent compared to the previous week. "There were 2034 people in every 100,000 sick people. Most of the age-aged people are suffering from flu, retired children and pre-school children," said Renata Ciupek .

Flu may also be seriously injured. "The two children need to destroy insulin, flu vaccine can usually be dispersed, they usually increase. But if they look beautiful and eat, the rate can be reduced. That's why They eat lots of vegetables to stop them, "said Petra Krobová of Bohdalice in Vyškov.

Increasing the disease may also mean to be & # 39; reflux vaccine refuses. "The level of disease is always greater when people are not included. Banana is best protected by influenza and people will not get the disease," said Ivo Procházka, a practicing poet. The poorest are in Brno. "In town there are people that are easier than in town. For example, in public transport, viruses are easy to spread," Procházka explained.

However, according to practitioners, South Moravia is more worried about respiratory diseases. "They are much more than a hen," he said.

Other Southern Morava hospitals respond to the disease. Tours stopped Boskovice hospital from Wednesday to appeal. From March, visitors were excluded from visiting Brothers Brothers Hospital in Brno. "In rare cases are very rare, for example, when we die, let's leave the trip. Only just a short time. We do not want the disease to be pandemic in hospital and add threat to the patients, "said Josef Drbal, director of the institution.

During the crisis period, the expected mothers can not come to the Brothers. Primary or maternal halls are closed.

They also monitor the patient at Brno Bohunice University Hospital. "The most vulnerable are people with infectious disease clinics, oncology, lung diseases and inner geography," said Pavel Žára, healthcare provider spokesperson.
According to cleaners, the most common type of influenza virus viruses.

Disease in the county
In the Southern Moray Department there are 2034 people per cent thousand occupants. Most of them are in Brno.
Fifteen people in the Czech Republic have already been infected.
The most vulnerable people are postpone by the practitioners and who are campaigners.
The banned of tours was published by hospitals in Boskovice, Kyjov, Břeclav, Brno Brothers, St. Vitus, Military Hospital and Faculty in Bohunice.

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