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Emilia Clarke showed images after brain surgery for the first time

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In the Sunday Morning CBS interview, Emilia Clarke spoke to her supporters for a few hospital builders who had been working in the brain for the first time in 2011 for meningitis.

My first job was to organize. Before the second place, I had lost his hope. Lkai pointed out that I might have problems with the visual or obstacle activity. I was afraid I would not stop again. In the League of Thorns Series, I represent the powerful hero, dragon Daenerys. I put the sack back in case I went through it, I quickly realized that I wasn't dying, the anchor was attracted.

Emilia Clarke has been living since the end of 2011, turning her blood into the brain. I drank my mind and life. I never spoke in public, but now the first time the actor in the article Battle for My Life was published at the end of the USA in the New Yorker magazine.

Mole's fall broke, as Clarke made the first series of Serile Game of Thorns, when she did. Magnetic correction proved that the problem is an anemone, that is, the brain of an art form immediately. After that, the actor burned the four days out in the unit hard and separated on a day after work.

Seril Series Revenge The Thorns Game starts on this Sunday, 14th April.

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