Excellent: Clear Day!

Gebou would have to go into the coffin save twice by burning. Once they are outdoors, where a grave has been dug, and the second in the studio, where shots were struck from the inside of the coffin, the coffin was placed. He was sent to prisoner convicts followed by a convict. “It was a great experience. I thought the pictures of a coffin would have been turned through one of its open sides. I was surprised to see the camera coming up and then close the coffin, ”the actor returned.

“Then I felt a little feeling. At first, I was surprised that I was not claustrophobic. And then I started to say – it's like it comes to an end once. I lie in a chest, but with the difference I won't know … In time, these things will think when they are their age, "he said. What was the amount of reliable death there? T about Scotland in Scotland.

Frightened Dejdar
“I'm going on a really fast and very good band. At first I wasn't afraid to accelerate this train and keep my driving and driving with my colleagues. But then I focused on creating a character that would entertain the audience, ”I added Martin Dejdar. From his appointment after leaving David Prachar (60) from the series, he is excited. “Major Strouhal is playing very well. I have a lot to do. Like him, I like my work, and I have given him my sacrifice. We both work, ”said the actor.

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