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have excellent policing officers and launched Operation Sewer. Researchers spoke to a private business activist Brno Dachaigh

PRAGUE When a detective talks about anyone suspected, this is often a very minor case. Criminals have found substantial information for pollution of public contracts on Brno-sted. The police, as they were, were nine people and they were still in care. They were also helped by secret businessman Brno Saman El-Talabani.

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He works in the case of clinker as an procurator fiscal and in accordance with LN information, he will read it in. Both the police service and the service were held at 7am and on Friday, 8 midday, Talabani also kept talking to the auditors. Last Monday, a spokesperson for the other offenses went through a hearing. His first clerk, Robert Scigiel, did not intend to comment on the client.

However in recent years LN has collected a film collection that Saman El-Talabani could show. The promise for the characters in the Brno business environment is its color in its information business.

Three years ago, Talabani took part in mc activity for two police officers: the old one who was against Mafia, Robert the Seaman, and the one-year editor of the National Center for Organized Crime. Richard Ohnout. In this case, the Talabani bag was completely. The policeman, who was trying to follow him, drew attention. It ran a covered police operation called Stoka, which is now focused on the reporting of pollution to public offers at the Brno-sted series and round the offer.

Donae and Information

The end of 2015 was canceled, and the marine detectives discovered amazing crap. They found that secret information had been exchanged between the police and police campaigners in the Brno internet. Jenome had assessed the population as having caught the seal. It was decided that the exercise submitted would make it more difficult for the reporter. And the best.

For the item, a group chose around one of the entrepreneurs, who ran Brno's police files, his first anti-fascine form. The information that the lion does not shoot directly to the city is of the highest value: General Protection of the General Survey (GIBS). She is highly suspicious of someone who has not been banned within the police. From the people around Talabani, he was a wise move at the door which struck the sea lion and the GIBS.

Brnnsk Group has just completed a generational survey of one of its informal bodies and a businessman from Brno, Albina Arifovie. Outside the researchers, the Talabani, which was a part of many people, was puzzling, and the shape of the sea lion was awakened at the same time.


One of GIBS's Talabani meetings was held on 24 November 2015 at the Olympia business center in Brno. The entrepreneur had suspected that the inspector had been adversely affected and put at risk by Arifovia. Talabani said that his name would be black in black and that GIBS would have a great influence on the past with Arif with the close links between them and the Brno industry department. If there was suspicion, Arifa was told that the question would be directly about a sea lion and how he chose another worker.

The flow of the sea lion then flooded into the political situation, and it's the nervous form of things that has brought it away.

Talabani was also claiming for the Roman Inspector Blaha that the giant sea lion had a family in Slovakia and then the Brno branch from the form of Anti-Mafia, Richard Ohnoutka. Talabani suggested that if he needed GIBS he would be able to protect his family.

At the end of the meeting he expressed the need to take action with a long-term Uko, or sea lion. He said he had talked about the suspects.

Bval Brno MP ANO Bohuslav Chalpa was a member of the GIBS Board of Directors last term, and as noted in an interview with LN on Saturday, Talabani and the Standard Auditors were not dissimilar at that time.

I also drew other attention to the attention of Roman investigators Roman Blaha and Martina Jandková, who was, according to my information, very well related to Mr Talabani. Such links should not be present in GIBS. Mr Talabani raised an issue against the police and Ohnout's high sea lion, and was sentenced for a few days ago. He organized the event, and tried to be the auditor of the survey, said the Inspector, who criticized Talabani, was related to Brno's policy with YES in an interview. T .

LN tried to contact Blaha and Jandka. When asked, in the context of the values ​​of Talabani, the uncertainty of entrepreneurs at that time, Blaha did not reply. I am not right to mention this, please write only. Jandkov did not answer the telephone call first.

But back to Talabani against high-level police. a sea lion on a business in 2016 got a penalty. And that's not all. Since then, Talabani has been adopted, and this is the case around Brno and Mta.

Talabani also controlled GIBS on the day: an entrepreneur was taken from a police officer to a court that gave him the credit for his death and threatened to die for the first time. Nmstkovi asked NCOZ Ohalak Talabani to apologize for his event and gave him ten thousand crowns as a reward for his owner's possession.

Two years ago, in Talabani, Ja, he knew how long he had spent days in custody. He was one of 18 victims of police files for payment. Politically aware, the police were also fighting against Finannka of the DRFG group of David who supported the ANO movement, and his son-in-law Alena Schiller is finance minister. However, in December 2017, the auditor stopped his charge.

It would be worthwhile to have it in this case. The inspector has concluded that he has been investigating since 2013 that the police are all around. According to the reviewer, a police officer took care of this security, and they were in custody.

Talabani branches came in secret police information in May 2015. It was reported that police had interest in their business partners, Muhammad Jaza Ham Ali Basman, Hussein Atti Rahim and Salem Ali Ahmad. Arab business world at Brno szem is strong. And Talabani was in the worst time. That's why he was at his heart when the police started moving around his business.

Talabani moved in the police to gather the file, gathering knowledge of the Basman, Rahim, and Ahmad. According to the researcher, the Talabani clerk also made what is regarded as a violent crime among police officers, telling him the secret secret, but he did not do so as a suspicious businessman. The police paid Talabani for the information to be returned to the police.

Nborem THA

Researchers found the inquisitive octopus to find out which views the last month of policing started around Brno-sted village. Last year, he reported from the journal Report that criminals had met with clarsach relations with the influential politics of the Brno ANO group. Pavel Dvoka, who retired on Monday after the reason for the case, appointed the chair of local government Beech, and married Brno-the South.

Talabani gets Dvok tyk. Talabani tells about the technology … he seems to have provided a money for the town of Brno-North. In particular, Talabani was added to the YES movement to influence decision making, reporting the Reporter's findings on police officers assessing Talabani.

A Leit between Vachula and Talabani meeting was held in June 2016, where public notes were taken into account. According to the Reporter, the police officer held the meeting as follows: At this meeting, El-Talabani and the vachula found links from people, polluters of politicians, and the public funds.

It has been two and a half years since that meeting. The police do not have to be pursued for Talabani because the accused is accused and the inspectors have worked together. and uke, what information will help the Brno clone police find. The Talabani five life puma is suggested that it might be researchers.

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