He has no patent for the return of his return to CSSD. Babiš started head of SAO Kaly – Novinky.cz

“It's not his job, he has nothing to assess the government. Let it control things. He has no patent for his cause. I won't read my stuff, I know from you. That's too strange, "Babiš tells him.

He confirmed that the government is often agreeing with the findings of the SAO. “It's not the job of the SAO, to assess our strategy. It is SAO's job to ensure that it is effective. Mr Kala is leading politics again. If he wants to go to politics, let him go back to CSSD, where he was, ”continued the Prime Minister.

President SAO Miloslav Kala

President SAO Miloslav Kala in 2013

PHOTO: Milan Malíček, Právo

In the past, Kala was a Social Socialist politician; There was a head of SAO in 2013, with a nine-year wait.

The Monday Audit Office said that the public sector in the Czech Republic could respond to the changes and challenging challenges that the society faced. According to Kala, the state is failing to digitize, simplify tax, save energy or save transport.

Babis said no party or other motion had done more in contemporary history for movement in the digitization and transport movement of ANO.

“Our IT Commissioner is working on a full digital digital management plan based on Estonia. In a year they have agreed to see more digitization than in the past. We have a government agent, we have a digital law. I don't know what Mr Kala speaks, ”said the Prime Minister.

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