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Help find a grocer in an SUV! He put the dog in the sack and hanged it in the wood

There was a terrible hunt on Tuesday waiting for people in the woods for Poděbrady. "Just as we are in the forest, somebody is hanged entirely on the branch of an unwanted gift" extracted "," wrote Lucie M. on Facebook, where she shared pictures of unaided young entrants.

Someone pushed the dog into a clothing bag from Kaufland, where he had only seen his head. Dogs were not unfair and they contacted the police of the city, who came for a small tree. "At 19:20 I got the news. The patrol went to the place – we took over the dog and we distributed the shelter in the Poděbrady," Miloš Dlabal, the leader of the police, said to

"If you know the dog and know who it was from, make sure you contact the police. Please contact the police if you don't know who was originally, to give you a penalty. Yes, "said Lucie M., it was narrow, he had a football base, apparently black hair, and left the place in a black car – SUV or pickup.

"My sweetheart got the dog. He was in the garden and he heard a dog crying out of the woods and then he saw a man who got in the car on the road and left. T Lucie M. told

Dachshund's story hit a lot of people – in less than a day the grant had nearly 10,000 shares. According to Lucie, the dog is no longer in the shelter. “She is now in temporary care and she has a promised new home. Only a few individuals from across the country are taking up the post, "she said.

"In fact, he is delighted and his story has opened up to a fulfilling life. What are the majority of the dogs" calmly "who delayed sadly / unfortunately," said Lucie.

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