How to build a PC. Was it in April? Or isn't it?

The first part of a short discussion about how to build a PC. In the first short theory, we look at a computer resource. After the thermal food has been applied, we will show you how to get the heat from the processing bin, handle your communication, and have the ability to clean your computer before we work with it.

You know me from articles about networks. Interestingly, I have greater computer security, servers or hardware rather than computer networks.
For example, I could write about computer security and the security of some banks would wake him up, but banks may not. It is not easy to read for articles about servers.
This co-worker is Zdeněk Intel, and I am very much respected and respected. I could not give forgiveness for digging and it will be easier to show how it was.

This is "broadcast broadcasting", I talk about things that are clear to others and don't know them. We start with the repetition with your PC, you regularly update your computer, you may find it useful.

Computer resource

The computer changes the entry to 230 V (115 V in the USA) to a set of output volumes.
Say we have 85% resources. Our store takes 500 hours out of your pocket and we provide 85% off it for a computer computer, ie 500 × 0.85 = 425 W. But what about the difference?

The power supply gives 500 watts of power and gives 425 watts. They become heat. And the 75 W isn't enough, it raises the loading processor and you know how big it is heavy it needs to be colder.

Efficiency 85% relates to a perfect cattle. If you work in Windows, the energy level can be 60 watts and efficiency is only very good at 60%. 60W energy supplies will result in a severe incineration, 100W in total.
Today, a typical 500 W resource is not used by 500 W, that's the maximum it can deliver.

Let's look at better resources, such as ERX550AWT (Enermax REVOLUTION XI II 550W).
Always remember components with a product number (ERX550AWT), and buy something you don't want.

How to build a PC. Was it in April? Or isn't it?

Enermax ERX550AWT

  • The resource is committed for 5 years
  • The manufacturer undertakes 24/7 activity (including at 40 ° C, more expensive to treat at 50 ° C). T
  • The practice is good "almost" all the time
  • Low power use in artificial technique
  • Japanese producers

How to build a PC. Was it in April? Or isn't it?

Efficient Mouse Record.

I have said about it already, it is the prime aim of profit companies. A number of mates make up great store and many market stickers. There is a gloss maker that sells money and sells it dearly.
There may not be so good graphs at all. We look at the well for two and a half miles! It is not for hundreds, where the state uses 200 crown (you pay VAT), and the trader, wholesaler and manufacturer also want to make a good profit.

There is a wide impact on a wide range of stakeholders but the well is not heated due to higher and less heat efficient effects!

How to build a PC. Was it in April? Or isn't it?

Japanese inhabitants built at 105 ° C.

Low-cost cheap efficiencies cause sources to heat, so heat all components and especially poor quality capacitors, who then break faster. They are attached vessels. The Enermax is guaranteed for 5 years although it would be running 24/7.

How to build a PC. Was it in April? Or isn't it?

The nonstop store can be run at the temperature of a “reasonable” room.

It seems likely that the paper can support everything. But to give a warrant, a five year promise is one that you must think well.
Other than that, you'll only go through credit, applications are expensive for every business.

The store can also run in the United States, where they have 115 V.

How to build a PC. Was it in April? Or isn't it?

Traffic around the world.

So? My PC isn't traveling! To make the device work at 115 V it must be like that intake ready for higher currents. Let the explanation be longer, try to believe them.
(P = U × I, 550 W = 230 V × 2.3 A vs. 550 W = 115 V × 4.8 A)

And what about closing the PC? The power resource from the PC is usually 5 W, some sources are much worse and have a power of 15 W. Enermax which is much better!
Check the catalog page ERX550AWT.

What is the level of a PC (attached to the main pipes) with a worse source for the whole year cost?

How to build a PC. Was it in April? Or isn't it?

Estimate estimation

The "ordinary" house is said to have been "destroyed by CZK 3,000 a year on electricity." That is the price for an improved SSD.

In both ways, you will always be paying the Well. You can't save money on the store if you don't get a big sale.
There is a higher quality resource at the start, poor quality costs you more (and much more) over time. The 15 energy power away from the power for 8 years has long been known! At the purchase price, he cost him six miles.

I do not understand sources as a colleague.
I just buy Enermaxes, not the joints, but the worst middle class with a price of over two thousand crowns without VAT, a five-year warrant and a 24/7 warrant. And if it is, then nowith renewable cables.

If you do not have the money for a quality resource, I propose to change it at all times with the board. Resource makers in the power source are heating, losing capacity, and more peaks than necessary.
Better to get rid of the old store after three or four years in the car.

To correct it, most of the “restored PCs” are computers with dust. Retailers often don't change under the processor, without changing or moving t
ReCAP source.

Here are some tips on resources:

  • A heavier well is light than lightweight feathers
  • The cables are cheaper, cheaper
  • Braiding is one of the good features
  • Free links and SATA links don't have free links
  • The warrior grille that grows by pressing the display is a free well
  • The greater the warrant, the greater the builder will be behind it
  • A 24/7 good signage and a minimum of 5 years warranty
  • If the well is made in a number of turns, please ensure that the most powerful do not
  • Stickers buy between one and two types of store and mark it
  • A good resource can achieve temporary signature performance permanently and temporarily delete 10–20%
  • Source free of production can be made for one summary (lower model after development)
  • It is often possible to identify the originator from the bed
  • To cool down the collection is with superior powerful graphics with a well down
  • Read reviews of Alza

How to build a PC. Was it in April? Or isn't it?

Review of

It is worth pointing out that many people find a very cheap resource, just like integrated graphics.

You will be given the comments at the end of the last chapter.

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