Hunter of Lan (47) killed a rare disease, released by mite mouse

An unusual subject is a lawsuit before the Court of Rakovnik. Its main purpose is to # 39; played with mice and shoes. The Office of the President's Office of Donations Group including the petition of a former employee's wife. This is Lubos Frank, who died of hantavirus disease in January 2016.

The cause of the bad illness is the same as the mouse itself. Frank was fourteen years of age working in forest management as a professional hunter. In mid-January, however, he had to go to the doctor following a high fever. At first sight, illness was like big flu. However, it was a bad state and after a few days he died.

The death of a colleague has shaken his entire hunting community. There is also an interest between doctors and professionals. Ostrava State Institute of Health, for it, examined all staff at the Lánský company for hantaviruses. Scientists from the Mendel University Forestry Faculty in Brno began to investigate the mice in the administrative area with the doctors from the Institute last year.

According to doctors, however, no other reports have been issued. Frank, as a hunter, would have a bait; bitter for a wild boar, deer and other high animals. Typically, therefore, the court talk about what is the goods of grain and corn products in the & # 39; lost.

"In foodstuffs, the creatures are, indeed, the journalist to give food to the people, but especially at weekends to winter, staff are not He does not want to lose the animals, so he himself, "said Lány Štěpán Stanický, head of a forest management hunting center.

Hantavirus disease has already occurred in the Czech Republic. But there are a number of issues annually and it is not reported that one person would die. At Luboš Franko, the cause of his death came after his death, newspaper portal.

The deceased's widow is now compensating 240,000 crowns after the Lány Forest Administration. However, all parties in the case have refused to give comments.

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