I did not sleep all night! The widow Andrea Pomer was sadly home, a friend of her

In the depth of her soul she knew that she was coming, but her daughter, Anna's father, died. Andrea Pomeje, for the first time ever after her husband, George Pomeje, died in public, and she can not regret her sadness. The statement told her that she had been pushing her eyes all night.

Le Jiří Pomej († 54), broke up in April last year and in the last few months, he can not say he has not gone out, his death but Andre Pomej (31) to big. Although Pavel Pasek's pattern emerged, according to the recent opinion, that Jiří Pomeje made a great deal of the loss of his body lost, many could be seen, so Andrea did not think the worst thing.

At the end of this week, Expresa added that she did not even think she could notify her father's daughter.

Unfortunately – it was not.

On Tuesday afternoon, the public met information about his death. Jiří Pomeje at Na Pleše's Hospital has been suffering from larynx and bone cancer and Andree now has this difficult information to tell her daughter Anichce's five years. And not just that.

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To invade public attacks for a & # 39; leaving Pomejeu at a time when it was short after an overcrowding oncological operation of larynx.

"It's written to many people. I have not slept all night," Andrea Pomeje told us, but she did not know if people were attacking her to show the new relationship in public, or her. express her many feelings for her.

From silence, however, many say.

From the pictures we capture, it is clear what the feelings of a young widow except not only for her daughter but also for a million debts, i a & # 39; feeling. It was a sad day for her, and she is a great supporter now as a companion of Petr Plaček, who agrees with her every step.

He was also on his way to his own home, where a young widow thinks he wants to hide in his / her; nearest circle, not only to public sorry but also to public opinion.

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