Is there a world like Babylon who was convicted of extinction? The artist Škapa was from the streets to the galleries

The three floors and outside of the Villy Pellé Gallery in Prague will take part in a new exhibition of graphic artist and designer, Michal Škapa, who celebrated his twentieth day of the year.

The street form and graffiti have been known under the name of Tron since the early 1990s. Ville Pellé now produces images created by aerial, graphics and three-dimensional work.

The show will include the subtitles All young people will be able to submit the subtitles. gives evidence of the day Babilon falls. He is a loan from the Rockers film, which was killed in 1978, when Michal Škapa came to the world.

The work that the artist has shown "is responsive to urban structures that use measure to capture complex social development, and his / her. mentions new prophets who today designate the modern world as a new Embeddable Newsletter, "as the exhibition organizers said.

Michal Škapa came out of a strong street generation of writers from the mid-1990s. Under the signals of names such as Tron 834, 2Rock no Key, and # 39; The first one who founded graffiti on the streets after Revolution Velvet.

"It's been in the Czech graffiti sight since the 1990s, when the three-year-old children run by Klára and Těšnov in Prague," said Lidové noviny last year.

The first meeting with Škapa graffiti, as many of Prague's artists, was familiar with the turnover of Klárov to Letna no Těšnov. "Then I was able to walk several times a week, there was something new today. Today the town has been pronounced with a visual smog, in the early 1990s there was not full advertisements, tablets and restaurants, "he told Lidové noviny the artist last year, he does not care. He is still watching it.

The original activity related to Škapa graffiti was used in a very special style, which was originally moved from the first urban place to a gallery space and finally on the art collections.

Today, Škapa belongs to the Prague and Trafačky authors cycle, at the same time as the founder of Analog Bros screen printing work and BiggBoss co-worker. He has participated in a number of business exhibitions, which includes a broad international graphite and the presentation of streetart names of 2008. He was a representative of the Czech Republic Expu in Shanghai, China, eight years ago.

Today, Škap's work is also available on book cover, magazines such as the Free Magazine or previous records. The author creates wallpapers, acrylic handwriting cuts, figurative airbrush components, and designed devices.

The current exhibition of Michal Škapa in Ville Pellé, Prague, next Saturday, December 1, will be a creative workshop with educational programs planned. In January, visitors will have the opportunity to visit Skapa and keeper Radek Wohlmuth. The author has already produced an exhibition at the Trafo Gallery located in the Prague Machair. Škapa had a prominent four-year exhibition at the Chemistry Gallery.

Monograph on the work of Škapové will be published next month in Villet Pellé, which runs until 27 January.

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