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Japanese probe gave samples from the asteroid –

Procedures before sampling began on Wednesday on Wednesday, when the probe started to discharge from its parking space at a height about 20km above the surface. Conveners left known to a place called L08-E1. It is located near an asteroid diameter between Kontaro and Brabo craters. All the work was progressed automatically, because Earth's orders would have gone to probation for being too long.

The time of the fire on the surface, he escaped at a 300-meter-five-gram drive project per hour. The fragments of the asteroid that were broken into the place after the disaster were extracted, and removed the well. The second one after having a surface impact, the test started to rise again.

The confirmation also plans two additional methods of sampling. In the last attempt, scientists want to get the material out of the depths. On the surface, from a height of 500 meters, create a crater test tear. Based on the basis, the survey builds the sample.

Hajabusa 2 reached the asteroid three and a half ago last year. The probe of MINERVA-II 1 behavior has already been moved by a pair of Rover-1A and Rover-1B named robots as well as the German MASCOT settlement module. The inspection carries a MINERVA-II 2 device in which the robot is the Rover-2, and # 39; going on the surface for July.

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