Jiří Mádl and his first show of his film On the Roof

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Although the film was in trouble from the beginning, at least the sponsor from the sponsor or death of Jan Třísky, who was to play his / her. main character, and last success.

"The most difficult thing is to make people go with us. The movie was not easy from the beginning, we heard a lot, not when we offered the script. I do not know where He broke it suddenly and suddenly we heard his casing. That level before it was hard, "said Jiří Mádl.

Duy Anh Tran, who has never received any current knowledge of his film director. Depending on, it was definitely no disadvantage.

"I was lucky to have been done by the people who did not work, two young children, when I first went to the sea. Then I have developed the way over and I know how my actors deal with a lot of knowledge. It's not the same as those professionals. They'll get the same direction, they are very talented, so that's all, "said Madl.

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Duy Anh Tran, the director, just praises the song and says that he has been working well with him.

"I hope I can say that we are friends. I know it even in private. As a director, it's really 100%, it's not at all. It's a director and I'm an actor. So I could focus on the job, "said Duy Anh Tran.

There was no problem with a non-actor-acting co-operative as a drama poet and Alois Švehlík film.

"Because it was not, there was no problem at all. I hope that it's not with me. We have understood. His position is not so much communication in terms of the number of words. Although I have a lot of talk. , his eyes were unhappy, "Švehlík added.

For example, Jakub Železný, Pavlína Wolfová, a & # 39; actress Veronika Arichteva, with her husband, Hana Vagnerová, Vojtěch Dyk or David Švehlík the producer.

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