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Kladno is close to that. Two search results for Jágr three: 1 in Comutov

Kladno ice hockey players won 3: 1 in the 7th visit of Extraliga to Chomutov Ice. The winners won two goals for a fifth successive row by Jaromír Jágr. Knights today had made a big step back to the nobility, as the Pirates conference has five points at its forefront.

'We can't look at it because it would have been decided, because not everyone has a decision. Anything can happen. Now we have won five games, we can lose five again. .

"We all count. There are five games with the border and our rescue in rebellions fly somewhere in the air, about five to ten percent. But we will fight to finish it. Then he tried to kill him and tried to be a miracle, "Jan Chomutov's helper would be sure."

After a healthier introduction, the action took the first goal, which Jagr did in the middle of the fifth minute. Plekanec got involved in a good position on the circle, and the famous attacker, using a stick, hit the bag into the goal back back Peters without preparation.

Pirates were not using their first power control. In 12 minutes, Klhůfek was in danger, but he did not aim properly. Just after that, Severočechy had a big chance of settling when they needed Bunting with a Plague to have a penis. Except for the kiss that Koblas removed.

But Koblasa made a taste in the 15th minute. The Lakos fled in the ice corner behind the gate itself to the corner, where Stránský Koblas won it, and because the Kladno district forgot it, it might be the pleasure of the Gypsy in peace. Perhaps he could have played Jagr's leadership in a power game, but Peters was opposed.

“In the first time, he wasn't sure we had visited a five-to-three goal in the electric play, which was two minutes long, and we didn't have a chance. scoring and it would be different, we didn't stop it, "sorry Petr Koblas, the attacker.

At the beginning of the second part, Kladno did not play power. In 25 minutes, Huml was close to the goal, but the guests did not allow him to finish the visit. Active Koblasa then alerted Passengers with a sharp effort between concrete, but Flemming failed to finish at the end.

In the third act, he burned from Saints' superb situation at the power plant. In the 49th minute Jagr remembered the earlier times when the NHL was governed and the opponents' defenders did not know how to break it. On his own blue line, he took the sack from Melka, and although three of the Pirates were waiting for the blue line to escape, the Kladno club owner owned it and finished the whole event. T front of the front of the bluff.

"That was a big visit. Remembering the 1990s," said Kladno coach, David Cermak. "I tried to remind me of a memory, like twenty years ago. So much remembered for commentators," Jagr smiled.

Shortly after that, he was found guilty of Vampola rules, but the home was no longer able to find a way to even settle in the last 70 seconds when they had a game without a game. Conversely, when the play time comes to an end, he struck the fallen Strand. Judges confirmed the video.

"It's all the season. This is a bargain and performance result. Unfortunately, we are not doing well, we will miss for the end and a better game in the attack habitat. contact Jaromir Jagr, a 47-year-old player who gave us two goals today and decided the game, that is the answer for all, "said assistant facilitator Chomutov, Happy.

"We all know it will be very hard. We know from the season as hard and as long as it gets up to eight points. Now we only have five games," said Koblasa.

7th visit of ice hockey league:

Pirates Chomutov – Kladno Rytir 1: 3 (1: 1, 0: 0, 0: 2) t

Objectives and records: 15. Koblasa (J. Stransky) – 5. Jagr (Plekanec, Zajíc), 49. Jagr (Melka, A. Lakos), 60. Strnad (Plekanec, B. Nash). Judge: Hribik, Kika – Kis, D. Kloucek. Prohibition: 5: 5. There is no need. Attended: 5250 (sold).

Chomutov: Peters – Jank, Knot, Stich, Blaha, Dietz – Kluzfek, V. Ruzicka ml, Koblasa – J. Stransky, Huml, Tomica – Duda, Stovicek, J. Sklenar – T. Svoboda, Chlouba, Chrpa. Coaches: V. Růžička st., Martínek and J. Šťastný.

Kladno: Cikánek – J. Říha, Kehar, B. Nash, Zajíc, A. Lakos, P. Hořava – Jagr, Plekanec, Zikmund – Redlich, Vampola, J. Strnad – Melka, Machač, Svedlund – Hajný, T. Kaut, Š. Blath. Coaches: D. Čermák, Lidický and Kregl.

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