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Klaus Institute back in Čaputová! It is said that a slogan is unlucky

On Saturday, Slovakia chose his first wife in the country, Zuzana Čaputová, to take over the state. She was made abusive by checkmakers from Czech. She was also invited to the Castle in an official letter by President Milos Zeman.

But, it's not; its effect at Václav Klaus Institute's impressive performance. 39. His executive director, Jiří Weigl, published an article on the institute website where he writes that he does not understand why everybody is so encouraging about this result.

"Slovakia is unfortunate. For the second time, a country that is still struggling because of its longest running tradition of its own world has come to the attention of an inexperienced person." It is remarkable that our mass media can identify this weeping of incompetence to bring the skies to the stars, and give an example, "Weigl wrote."

According to the song, Čaput is what it means to be a woman and she hasn't done anything yet, so nobody can say anything about her. "Not everyone is in bad or bad weather. Accepting the controversy which was rejected about Pezinok's remote community story that has not crossed the edge of the residence is then." It is said that he collected signatures to destroy the full-time monster Meciar.

He added that Čaputová's election was the result of the hope of Slovakia's politics, peace, gender or the fight against evil. "The enough distance to reach the top is that even though ordinary meaning tells someone that a job policy should be ended by the head of state, a candidate should not be confirmed as the first. T a citizen of his life and his entitlement to the state and the kingdom, as "anonymous" being withdrawn from the hat, "Weigl added.

He also asked who was behind the Čaputová campaign, which he paid for or why he won over the certified politician Maroš Ševčovič. "We only see that marketing projects continue to drive forward their universal policy, but we already know of a few examples that can demonstrate the lack of marketing to a successful or change policy. Slovaks have already seen this in the case of the present president, "said Weigl.

Remember the report on the election of Zuzana Čaputová by the President of Slovakia:

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