Loun's great abusive critic of Loun: He was beaten as a dog, saying a grandmother


A terrible case did not shake not just Louny in Ustí nad Orlicí, but the entire Czech Republic. From Saturday, criminals have been investigating the death case of a three-year-old boy in suspicious situations. His death has not yet been clarified and the police do not express any information.

But social networks, however, welcome first certificates, not just from nearby people, but from their relatives. The local little boy in Louny can be seen with shoes, shoes and shooting. The neighbors wanted the only Nova television.

Depending on the information, the child sent a & # 39; injured his maternal partner did not stop it. She even considered even though the partner did not leave it. "I know both of them, she was with him for a half-year, not eating it, watching her how she was hitting him, saying he would do nothing for him, Hyena, more than her son, "wrote a woman.

In particular, the same was written by a baby grandmother. "They were hitting her as a dog, and as she had a mother, she would prefer to hit her son just for her loss," he said. "A boy did not have to do it, he needed to be in the room all day, and he had to keep his knees and books in front, he could not to see anything, or even to look at fairy tales, his grandmother was abusing, they did not want to show anyone, … they were charging over his head, "said i.

The fascinating situation of their case was reinforced by their acquaintances with TN.cz. "I knew all of them, I did not see them greatly, the last time I saw them two days before the child died, the boy was bruising, he was heard, he was not even talking, but sat there in the stroller, asked me what he was saying. He calmly said to me that the boy had fallen and he was & # 39; breaking the hair and scratching, "write the man.

"He did not even want to believe that he was hitting that little angel, I prefer to believe that he was lying, I thought he was mental disorder, and he does it, and he talks to the little boy's mother and asked her why she did not. She said she did not go to the doctor just because she was afraid that the child would give her, and I prefer to let down, "he said to a glance.

The Man Editor told the TN.cz that another was living with them in the room. "He knew everything, he heard the boy crying and he heard the wounds he got," he wrote. On the facebook of the room he was tired of activity and difficulty. He directly reinforced that he agreed his status. "I know I should open my mouth!" he wrote.

"Please ask me the previous day and tell me that it was hitting it and you did not do it because you feared I had a phone on the death of her. boy and I'm sorry now, but he stayed with them, He heard from the beginning and did not tell anything because he did not want to lose the roof over on his head, "he opposed his well-known partners.

Another was also expressed to him. "At seven o'clock you left to the keys, and in two minutes you came back with me and there were no keys. You went there and you knew it was in jail , you fell as fast as you did not even take the keys for me, as if anything had happened, you did not want to be there now, "he said.

A young boy mother was also raised by the reporter from the scientists. "You pay to kill my sister, a happy journey to hell, my sister and my son's son," wrote a sister of her sister, little boy on Facebook. "She could not take care of her, she did not live with her brother, she did not," he says. "I do not talk to her, I did not know," she said.

People have been extremely terrifying and worried they have created an online petition; seeking highest penalty for a young boy's mother and her partner. "Thank you for each name and we both believe that the two will get the highest inconsistent penalty," wrote the petitioner's author.

The police opposed anyone on Sunday with serious injuries and poor treatment of a person living in a common house, but the connection between violent behavior and child death was not yet established. "Criminologists have called out ideas and they have to wait for their results on the case," said police spokesman Alena Bartosova.

Remember the TV Nova report about the death of a boy in Louny:

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