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Magpie dries at Slavia. Sparta is very impressive about winning the Cup in Teplice

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On Saturday, Slavia only picked up 1: 1 with Liberec, not growing in the league after these times and his change in the register changed to seven points. In the funeral, delete above the house poslednchjedencti utkn pedstav at home.

Sometimes it just doesn't happen, sometimes this just comes into contact. I wouldn't be. I think we should put it out and move forward, Ondej Kdela, Slavicach armor, said.

ONLINE: Teplice – Sparta

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Karvin will be in the leagues trying to protect. On Friday in the Derby Silesian, she defeated Ostrava 2: 0 and after the first time under the new Frantik Straka team she made her way to the last town. In the past, Trenr Karvin was practicing in Slavia, and as a brave, had a good environment in Eden.

Slez with red bones from the estate in 2009 in each competition, eight back.

ONLINE: Slavia – Karvin

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We have nothing to lose. We decide against Slavia as the favorite man, but on the other, we can say that a few words are fronting on all sides, said Martin Berkovec, a former captain of Celtic at the East End Slavia.

On Saturday, Sparta 1: 2 in Mlada Boleslav and, after a long time, was the first corrie. It tastes in Teplice, but is raised in the last few. Severoei defeated the League Letn Praana 1: 0 in December.

I don't think we should lose Boleslav. We have to use it, ekl sparansk kouk Zdenk asn.

He met a colleague and a new member of Teplice, Stanislav Hejkal, who gave him a helper at an additional farm. We want to make Spart as uncomfortable as possible, by adding the best places to find it. I promise that he will support someone who will not sell it cheaply, says Hejkal.

Hundreds of Trencin colleagues also see olek, Bohemians 1905 Martin Haek and Olomouc Vclav Jlek know each other in Spart. In Vikings, Hanci in Prague turned 1: 0 and started a good game, in which they won five rounds.

Tvrtfinle program


April 2: 17:00 Teplice – Sparta Prague, 19:20 Slavia Praha – Karvin.

April 3: 18:00 Praha Bohemians 1905 – Olomouc, Ostrava – Liberec.

The easiest way for Europe is to Pohr, so nobody can take it to light. It's not so tired getting out of the league, Olomouc tonk Martin Nepor, two of the Bohemians.

They lost 2: 3 in Pilsen on Sunday. At home they are the darkest league of all time since they first won the top stages of the competition. Dvanctkrt didn't win but there was only a cup over the esk Budjovice. In the last five years, they have not cut their daughters before.

Olomouc has recently made it big. Football pevd ton and two goals. But I know that we have to put it out, Josef Jindiek of Bohemians said.

Ostrava has only put a point from the last five league rounds, so he takes out the Liberec as their preferred option. Running in the league in the league, the Bank built 2: 1.

His last trip in Karvin was that of disaster. We need to apologize to the followers for what they have seen. With the power of Liberec, he introduced the arms to Bank Patrizio Stronati.

Liberec was encouraged by Ostrava on Slavia's plot. We're going a long way, but as close to the sport. But we are not yet. If we go through Ostrava, we'll talk about it, the captain Radim said.

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