Maria Theresa will be fighting for heritage and man –

The mission of Robert Dornhelm was co-produced by the four public service TVs at the old Austro-Hungarian Empire-based Empire by Mirek Zlatníková and was the largest co-production project from Czech TV to date. T . The audience was delighted with over two million viewers at the start of last year, January 1 and 2. But, he was also successful in the other three countries, also in Germany and France.

From the life of the Empress, which ruled the Habsburg throne for more than forty years, and we still remember today as educational reform and "European mother-in-law", selected the series t past her childhood. At that time Maria Theresa was fighting not only for a seat on the throne but also for a marriage of love. The rebellion follows her in the faithful wars of Austrian heritage and will have more focus on the character of her husband, Francis Stephen of Lorraine.

In the role of Maria Theresa's mother, Queen Elizabeth of Christina, the audience will meet again to Zuzana Stivinova. "She'll have an understanding of her shelter and hobbies for alcohol, which will grow," the actor emerged.

Stefanie Reinsperger takes over the Austrian actress Maria Luisa Stockingerová in the role of Maria Theresa, followed by Francis, who took over the work of the treasure, playing Vojta Kotek. "František is now a thriving businessman who does it all the time," said Kotek. He also says that he is also a leading political player because of the Empress's person: "So the miniseries will move a bit more than politics from the original love story."

However, marriage in the central and royal courts will have a huge impact on the marriage of the central parliament. Maria Theres is losing, there is famine in the countryside and money is missing, so both Empress and Frantisek arrive on the incredible solutions. While the governor is calling on Baron Trenck's army, which takes a thousand men out of his best, Francis is beginning to make his bow back. Events encourage marital emergency where there is no shortage of loyalty and exile.

The play was written by Mirka Zlatníková, this time by Lucie Kopecká, which was later taken over by Robert Dornhelm. Filming will be the same as the last time, when each of the actors speaks their native language and then suffers all the languages.

"Babylon is interesting on the seat, which most of the director understands, because this is the only person who can hear everyone but Czech," Kotek jokes. He said he had started training with shoes at home and also wanted to use his horse for riding.

Creative producer Jan Maxa described the life of Maria Theresa as comprising a range of themes which are important to the contemporary viewer, whether the situation of women in society and politics is the choice between career and family interests, t or conflicts about morality and real political ambitions in Europe.

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