Marijuana smokers, according to Harvard scientists, get more sperm account



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Researchers at Harvard Public Health School examined samples of seed of 600 men who went on to an unhealthy clinic with their partners between 2000 and 2017. 54% of the men in questionnaire they were going to marijuana smoking, 44 per cent in the past, and 11% of current users.

The number of sperm in men in the Western countries has declined, warns scientists

An analysis of sperm samples appeared in the case of marijuana smokers, the average sperm average of 62.7 million per thousand, in 45.4 million people who do not smoke each periliter.

However, survey authors and other experts have emphasized that marijuana usage is not self-sufficient for men to be able to; increase their visitor opportunities. According to that, there may be another explanation for the unexpected product, for example with the effect of testosterone, because men with higher levels of this hormone are more likely to be dangerous behavior, including marijuana Smoking.

"These incredible results show how little we know about the impact of marijuana on breeding and general health," said the survey director Jorge Chavarro. He stated that the search results of the team should be "carefully interpreted" and that further research is needed.

In addition, Britain's largest expert, Allan Pacey, told Bloomberg that the results of the American research should be taken into account. "Couples that, in my opinion, want children to avoid marijuana," said Pacey.

Marijuana was given a legal case in a number of countries, including Canada:

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