Mazda attracts new SUVs. The first appearance of the private car in Geneva –

The new Mazda 3, which was introduced in Prague last year, will not be the main draw of the Show of Motor Show at Mazda. This is the new hard SUV; The craftsman published the train and his first piece of information.

Not only the new light design and the slightly narrower section of the car are seen on the same photograph, but the angle of the photograph may be demolished. From a short release, we will learn that the second model that will be built will be based on the new style and technical side of the Mazda modules. So it will be close to the new Mazda 3, both philosophically and technically.

Just as the "last year" diesel gasoline "under the hood, four-color two-color cylinder with the SPCCI name as the three new. This means Ignition Compression Ignition, which" turns off a & # 39 ; candles ". [celá zpráva]

SkyActiv-X Tool for new Mazda 3

SkyActiv-X Tool for new Mazda 3

We do not know what mode it will be. The CX-3 has been in the world since 2015, and the development last year, so the new generation is not yet there. The CX-5 is even younger in the second generation, which comes into the market in 2017. Can the novel have something, possibly with body work like a group, when Mazda a & # 39; talk about a hard SUV? Do not be surprised.

Simplified versions of the troika are not waiting

However, we must also bring bad news – Mazda 3 of MPS does not have a sharp look as well as generations who are going out. We already knew, but now we have correct correction.

At this time, Mazda wants to be an adult banner to be closer to the first section. Dave Coleman, one of Mazda's engineers, says that the car maker is too small to be able to build a Mazda 3 hard drive.

With Coleman's size, it is not possible to develop a new engine and other necessary technology for three stomachs. "So we will continue to try to improve everything so that no-one does feel that a sharp version is needed," he said.

This is a & # 39; last body of Mazda 3 MPS.

This is a & # 39; last body of Mazda 3 MPS.

And why did they go in the first and second generation of the MPS Troika board? "The last MPS prize was so suspicious due to constraints. We could not do everything. We were at a stage where we had to negotiate – either pull it as a wheel or to be less torque, "and remember Coleman.

"The decision is clear – it will become a monster, and will work with you on the directional wheel. It will put the lines on the road. (…) And a great distance quickly, and the rest will be as good as we can, "Coleman has a" follow, smile. So the last three were fun, but the result was a number of joint negotiations – and Mazda does not want to go there.

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