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New role for Czech profile. Elijah will try to become the assistant in New Jersey

New Jersey's head keeper will give some of his work in history, and should, for example, contribute to the preparation of a video, watching and evaluating the players at the site. During the games, he sits in the news box with a coach visiting Rollie Melanson.

Last year, Elijah was given the chance to test the test which could be used to identify the location of a NHL coach. However, the two-year-old graduate from the World Championship graduated as assistant to the Czech national team under 20 years of age.

Elijah: I am still learning

“There's only a traveler, I'm just looking. When they ask me a question, I will answer. I keep learning this and this is a good way to look, and I'm happy to do so. , "Elijah said.

But Hynes believes the Stanley cup winner has something. "Off we were, it was brilliant. He was so good at playing, almost as a coach when he was on the ice. He has a system view, as we do things, and all the players do t he said, "recover."

Czech hockey player Patrik Elias also put out a national jumper with a bottom design.

Czech Hockey

Elizabeth is a club keeper in number of objects (408), supporting (617), points (1025), aims in power games (113), points in the welfare of enumeration (333) and aims of his team. winning (80). In the plays it takes the number of targets (45), permits (80), points (125) and objectives (21) and points (52) in power plays. The Stanley Cup was won by the Devils in 2000 and 2003.

It was last played for New Jersey in the 2015/16 season, when he had only 16 games due to problems with his right knee. He was still trying to return back the following year, but he did not kill the problems even after his job and he completed his job at the end of May last year. The Devils, who were loyal to Elijah in the NHL, went out of number 26 last year.

The New Jersey team is the last one in the Metropolitan Division, but can't play.

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