ONLINE: Birter b in Canmore taffeta. h mph East North Easterly

Esk biathlonist, Tom Krupk, is on the way to the sustainable stability race in the Chanmore

| Photograph: Petr Slavk, es biatlon

Under dry frost, the Canadian Canadian Biathlon World Cup continues. The taffeta program is, at 20.30, Mic Michaeingr, Michal Krm, Adam Vclavk and Tom Krupk are cuartet. The Vikings and the French are their favorite ones. Travel the 4×7.5 km drive at in online reports.

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The temperature falls to twenty and the seven hills are around. That is the backdrop in which the biathlon team is in Chanmore.

This is Ondrej Moravec, the author is on the World Championship form. In Canada, Michal lesingr returns to the World Cup. Zdeněk Vtek vodn sec.

After the leash, Michal Krm reaches the best, in the World Cup (there are seven). It is followed by Adam Vclavk and Tom Krupk's finishing.

The Italian Anterselva and An Canmore have formed their shape in the twelve months of the individual race. It is not one minute that may grow up to a degree.

They stayed in this season at the top of the top four in the German Oberhof. For the best names of Norway and so the French, who are the best stars, Martina Fourcada has built a strong pole.

The fourth star is not the only star in trouble. As a result, the Norwegian Tarjei was renewed to the World Championship, weakening the crime for the same reason as the Hels and Nmci (run by Simon Schempp).

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