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Triclosan (triclosan)

Triclosan (triclosan)

Initially, it was just about poisoning to protect crops in a wet risk. So, the triclosan material (sometimes triclose) was recorded. Its effect is to & # 39; demolish or stop the growth of bacteria, fungi and fungi that can not be used not only in the field; pharmacy, so he often became a tool in family cleaning materials. A year-old estimation estimates that tricks and translations were found in half of the market seagulls, in wild boots, windows; cliffs, beetles, beetles, cleansers, … with socks, bed linen and toys, … treated "Antiallergic" and behind them with the development of triclosan have not been makers of farm bakers, making waste and leavers, credit card makers, …

Inspectors were very aware that they would not resist their & big case and interconnected links with just one argument. They made the plan one of them. They came from the World Health Organization's recommendations on hygiene and where a hand laptop was said for at least 20 seconds. Then they gathered a tricloran collection, put them to soap, shampoos, and put it into dangerous bacteria characters such as Escherichia coli, Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella enteritidis.

Prof. Petra Levin:

Prof. Petra Levin: "Triclosan is very stable. In the body of wildlife and the environment, it has been kept for a long time". University of Washington, St.Louis

It was proof that the highest law permissible (0.3%) was not the ability of the puppets to be; do anything. There was not even a & # 39; Extends the period from twenty seconds to six hours which affects the survival of bacteria. It was only after nine hours that are different in the life of microbes capable of causing fatal illnesses, which are statistically important among their antimicrobial groups treated and handled. In other words, so that antimicrobial soap can have a greater effect in reducing the risk of spreading infection, we need to mash up the hands and put it in the sink in time to all but to wait an hour of premature time. Even then he did not allow to finish all the paths. We talked about the test in detail here.

If he was just a bad advert, he could take his hand and say that, when someone was in a position, Believe, that is the thing. A number of surveys are increasing to & # 39; damages the tricks. It is easily converted to dioxins, so it works in the body as a hormonal break even in small collections. In other words, more than just that is "if not so bad".

The humorous information about the ineffective tricks is spreading rapidly among people. When they started to discharge their knowledge and harm, the authorities needed to take action. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) has prevented its use in soap and protecting the surface of meat products. The European Commission or the use of triclosan in a plastic package intended for distribution and food preservation was also banned. This has been very difficult for us because the European Court of Justice had a separate idea and, when the triclosan (microban) package maker asked, the European Commission his crowning.

Benzalkonium chloride - one of triclorous settlers.

Benzalkonium chloride – one of triclorous settlers.

It is good to add, in terms of triclosan, that the paragraphs are also complied with in the US. Although the American FDA has prevented triclosan from using antibacterial soap, however, if the manufacturer makes it possible to do so. denying it is antibacterial preparation, it is not controlled by the FDA but with the environmental agent. So, the outbreak did not affect only about 19 provisions. In order to avoid such minorities, the prohibition was not restricted to household products. The use of Japan in hospitals, restaurants, … is not applicable.

Evil language says that the sale of goods with tricks has not suffered and the fact is that 75% of Americans are in urine. It's not so much about soap and shampoos, but about adding it to wherever it is going. Inu, manufacturers are willing to surrender material that extends their shelf life, … Compared to the & # 39; European chat, in the United States, the Union states in the Union have their own rules, and in a trickle situation the game was strengthened by the state of Minnesota and maybe it will be sent to another. There are reasons for doing so much longer.

As an endocrine problem, there are triclosans affecting thyroid gland, testosterone and estrogen, and has been associated with problems such as the early servant, adversely affected sperm, complications, obesity, and cancer. If the humanized organic records are tricosane in both experimental life and its activities, we must try to make it even impeccable to break and its; adds to the intestinal mucosa inflammation. It is even worse than it supports apoptosis of the ugly cells that it has; cerebral bone, and there is also a bad luck in the hippocampus, which is an experimental raft shown by a & # 39; reduce the results in spatial memory tests.

If there seems to be a degree of bad memory, we contribute to the results of the latest Washington University in St.Louis. They specialize in bactericidal antibiotics. Their effort was simple. They showed the drug for the effects of bactericidal antibiotics and looked at what they grew alive. Half of the bacteria examples were open for triclosan. While the antibiotic cure was alive for about twenty hours, about one billion in a million. The number of Triclosan fell from people who survived to one out of ten. In other words, he allowed bacteria to escape from death, in particular, suffering from a wide range of antibiotics.

Corey Westfall, the first author of the study:

Corey Westfall, the first author of the study, said: "Triclosan allows antibiotics and reduces curative success". University of Washington, St.Louis.

As we have already mentioned, 75% of American adults are often in urine (this must be similar). Ten percent of them are so tall and that they are already reducing bacteria. This builds its & # 39; Is this a question of reducing the efficacy of medicine for disease? urogenital case, which seems to be very strong.

For this reason, researchers have made another effort that played a role in mouse mice with a lubricating treatment. Half of them were drinking triclons for a drink as big as the Americans were in the & # 39; the summit. Both groups were handled with the very effective Ciprofloxacin antibiotic (antibiotic fluoroquinol used to use bad urogenital diseases). Mice open to triclides was 100 times more bubble in the sound after treatment. This is very important and shows how it appears in the triclosses; Increasing the opportunities for cure in situations where we need antibiotics to help us.

In view of the unfortunate effects of trickle-use effects, it is also possible to expect to make laws. It is a question that it will give something to your users. Manufacturers already have repayments. Benzethonium chloride, benzalkonium chloride and other companies with triclone molecules are very similar. So, all that comes back to the beginning and will be checked if we have just moved from the underwater. Only research can provide the essential arguments on which the institutions can work.

The relationship with triclosan is not extinct. Sellers are bigger. For recently-produced material there are tricks, the information on what they contain is deducted from the leaflets. Perhaps we are waiting for a while when the production of the materials is "secretive". Suspending on the protection of some of the centers is fair, but elegant. The reasons for working are not huge. Manufacturers are always one step ahead of risk-based research. Legislation, which is "two steps back," and when executed by officers for an interim period, these measures are more than a good case. There are not many users, but we are not completely involved. We are the so-called "buying power" and vendor's revenge can deal with reassurance.


If you look at the effort to protect you from a virus, try something unturned and heard in the form of Microban, … Maybe the Washington University report says, "We promised Triclosan to be ahead of bacteria, but they mean they are able to survive with more effective antibiotic cure. "


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