Pilsen survived. Bohemians arrived for the medal, leaving a point

Viktoria lead Slavia at the end of the table to seven points. She won 3: 2 in a crazy game over Bohemians. Jablonec came near the third Sparta when Pribram 3 played 0 at home.

After two trials, the people took over Pilsen. The team lost a leadership lead position but in the 86th minute Tomas Chory decided in a remarkable game. Owners came in bizarrely from Saturday to "S" at Prague. Second team came to seven points at the same time as Slavia's leader and at the same time created eight points across the third Sparta.

In the first 11 minutes, Jean-David Beauguel won twice, and in the first half Josef Jindřišek did not change the penalty. In the 63rd minute, Lukáš Hůlka fell and in ten minutes he was equal to Jindřišek. But it was the last word of Sick.

Pilsen started really well and opened the score at the seventh minute. The butcher got a view in front of a Beauguel, which the ball onto the net easily.

In the 11th minute, the Bohemians gathered for the second time. In the sixteenth year, Kopic beat a Beauguel ball and the French invader Fryšták sunk with a quick look. For Beauguel, it was 13th in the league season and fourth for Victoria.

Bohemians could return to the game after half an hour of play. Brabec played Puškáč in the pen penalty and orderer Berka ordered a penalty penalty after watching the video. However, Jindřišek was unsuccessful and did not lose the aim. The home was weighted at the end of the first half. Beauguel struck the teams in a good position, followed by Fryšták “Kangaroos” when Řezník was attempted to kick up.

Beauguel lost his chance to take a quick act after a break, breaking it when he had to turn it into a place. Follow the families continue to play with a trick game. After Hořava's error, Vaníček Reiter sent to the escape, but he threw it out alone and only hit the gamekeeper Hruška.

In the 63rd minute, Prague's people had already seen a decrease. After an corner, the ball fell to Hůlek and got a lot of time and space from the home defense to visit the goal. Bohemian Stoper celebrated his 24th birthday in style.

The 'kangaroos' were suddenly the great beneficiaries and were identical in the 73 minutes. Reiter went on the football with Jindřiška, who put out his punishment. A blanket was wiped out in defense. After another pass, Reiter could turn the score of Ljovin but only hit the protective butcher in front of the open visit.

Eventually, Victoria stood on a great attack. Pačinda made a fine cross from the right in a pencil, but Kovařík managed to reverse the choral. Pilsen has just secured the best league league home team and won the 12th of the 13 games at the stadium.

Football players played Jablonec 3: 0 in the 26th league league over Pribram. Following the half-term Severočeši received two visits by Vladimir Jovovič and Michal Trávník, while Martin Doležal flew after a break. Jablonec lost his third time in a row and lost six points for his third place in Sparta. No income for a new Roman Nàvorník coach was available as proof. The guests did not arrive in the third consecutive hour, and in the board's thirteenth spot, they were guided by a six-point lead over the fifth Karvina.

26th visit of the first football league

Viktoria Plzen – Praha Bohemians 1905 3: 2 (2: 0)

Objectives: 7 and 11 Beaguel, 86. Chorus – 63. Hůlka, 73. Jindřišek. Referee: Berka – Kotalík, Melichar – Zelinka (video). There are no cards. Attendance: 9362.

Pill: Hruška – Řezník, Hubník, Brabec, Limberský – Hořava, Hrošovský – Kopic (66. Petržela), Čermák (81. Pačinda), Kovařík – Beauguel (50). Coach: Willow.

Bohemians: Fryšták – Bederka, Hůlka, Pokorný – Záviška (39. Dostal), Ljovin, Jindřišek (86. Nečas), Schumacher – Reiter, Puškáč (56. Hilál), Vaníček. Coach: M. Hašek.

FK Jablonec – 1. FK Pribram 3: 0 (2: 0)

Objectives: 12. Jovovic, 43. Lawn of Pen, 49. Doležal. Judge: Pechanec – Vaňkát, Vodrážka. RC: Nový, Matoušek (all parts Příbram). Attended: 2406.

Jablonec: Hrubý – Holeš, Kubista, Břečka, Sobol – Hübschman – Jovovič (73. Fábry), Trávník, Považanec (65. Kratochvíl), Vatajelu – Doležal (81. Chramosta). Coach: Advice.

Pribram: Kočí – Nový, Chaluš, Tregler, Jablonský – Hlúpik (46. Keita), Soldát (46. Polidar), Matoušek, Kingue, Voltr (72. Vůch) – Fantiš. Coach: Builder.

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