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Researchers started initially on an orbit on a spacebar

Airbus developed by Airbus will use fragments of spring to acre to absorb pieces. Then the device will prevent space scrap to Earth, where it should burn in the atmosphere.

At present, there are around 20,000 which spread more than 10 centimeters; circulated throughout the Earth. The orbit contains more than one centimeter more than 750 miles.

"With more and more rockets and obstacles we have a real problem. With this technology, we want to prevent accidents with, for example, active satellites," said Airbus's elastair project, Alastair Wayman.

Sciences are confident that they will help to; using future stones to clean orbit space space. Tested a number of years. When successful, the falcon took a 1.5 meter away. Airbus wants to hit a target of up to 30 meters.

The purpose of which is called RemoveDEBRIS is jointly funded by the European Union. The Surrey University team led the device to the International Speech Center (ISS) in April last year. In September, scientists successfully tested the onboard network on board. In October, they researched the LiDAR visual navigation system and a VBN camera system that identifies space instead. His case was successfully tested on 8 February.

Part of the test also puts pressure on the canvas on the RemoveDEBRIS spellow, which puts the waste collected to the atmosphere of the soil where it is; burn.

"Initially you have to find out how the item has moved. This is helped by the visual navigation system. Finding a specific topic, getting its size and how it & # 39; move. Then you need to catch it. To do this, either use a net or fire, "said RemoveDEBRIS manager Simon Fellowes.

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