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Rising prices have risen over the last fifty years, building food and energy

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Koruna's customer prices grew by 2.7 per cent. It was the main reason for the rapid growth in fuel prices, food and housing prices, said Jakub Seidler, the chief economist of ING Bank.

For example, potatoes in the mezzanine were compared with 75 per cent, potatoes and grains increasing by 3.3% and mslo by 8.6 per cent. Levnj had eggs, fruit and sugar, but compared to the styles, his discount was reduced.

Potatoes are as listed. Only the imports are imported into the stores, esk doly

Electricity in the meziron mine, at 11.9 per cent, heat and heat water, with 4.5 per cent, and fuel density of 2.1%.

The price in the price quotation had a significant impact, with S. per cent of the price being paid, with 2.6 per cent rising in water and prices, and 3.6 per cent for natural gas. They also make good spirits, paste, beer and tobacco products.

Bait should die from May

Rising prices were also due to rising services. For example, the price of goods and services increased by personal 4.1%, services to bonds and finances increased by 4.8 per cent, supply services by four per cent and accommodation services at 2.9 per cent. On the other hand, the price of the cloth was cheaper compared to the idea of ​​telecommunications and telecommunications.

Country house prices were up 0.2 per cent against leton. The main purpose is electricity prices.

Hyper-inflation in the country reached the highest limit of NB ps in vi. We say that inflation is declining at a rate around April, and then it should decrease gradually in May, from the economist Komern Bank Viktor Zeisel.

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