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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Review: Look not only for athletes

A month ago, at a press conference in San Francisco, Samsung introduced, not only the Galaxy S10 / S10 + smartphones (reviewed) or the S10e cheaper (reviewed) module, t but also a cairn of mobile coverage, including wireless phones of Galaxy Buds. One of them is the Galaxy Active Watch watch, which is designed specifically for athletes though, but not even as embarrassing with more formal clothing. The new novel is a novel with the new design, but it does not seem to have produced a circular bezel that has been a symbol of Samsung's smart watches for years.

Of course, the watch is aimed at active users, so 5MW of waterproof ATM, improved heart level and weight measurement, many sports features, GPS or battery life are good. The new generation relies on the operating system of Tizen, which brings the innovative UI environment. Samsung Galaxy Watch watches will be sold from 29 March in silver, black, gold-pink and green. Proposed price 6 499 CZK includes VAT. Can users make it without a ring bezel? And what other features have the watch displays featured with our review of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.

Video Review Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung Galaxy Watch Action: Packages

No one's content may be surprised by the contents of the pack. Samsung has installed a new generation of watches in a small square box where only the required equipment is available. There are watches which store them safely in the middle of the pack. The rest is supplemented by short user guides, built-in puddings for wireless charging with a long cable with a classic USB plug and a sponge rubber strap.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Check
Samsung Galaxy Watch Action: Packages

Design and design: this journey without a ring bezel

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active has a large design with no money. Firstly, it is very harsh. The physical measurements are 39.5 x 39.5 x 10.5 mm and the weight is 25 g (with a band of about 47 g). As such it is the smallest watch of Korean producers. In the producer's pack, Gear Sport (review) should be in place.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Check
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The front side is largely included by an accurate display, which has a curved glass around the edge as it turns into an aluminum frame. The big change has been the loss of hazel. It has yielded many models, which were used to control the system, and has been a huge contrast to other smart watch shops. The thing that needed to be looked at was seeing the littering of the front and the control box as a result of the rounded edges.

An Active Watch is controlled only by the screenshot and two buttons on the right. They are small, but tough but well-knit. Each button has a different end, so you can access one of the things you are pushing for. The button above will go back one step and will be at the lowest button to call in the drop-in menu, the opening menu and double-click to customize your pre-determined post The Bixby concept is the norm.

There are two small microphone holes on the attractive, fine metal sides. The lower part is made of high-quality hard plastic and is attached to the body of four screws. At the bottom, a big heart-rate browser that is covered in stable glass and a little removes the body of the device to work better.

I should not forget to look at another beautiful feature, which is the classic 20mm strap fastening, so there's no difficulty in getting another strap with this playground. In the pack you will find common rubber bands in size L and S, which are particularly suitable for sports. Making the most of using old and new stripes is a very comfortable place, by taking back to particular axes. The watches are available in blue, blue-pink, silver or cellular.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active in all colors
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active in all colors

Display and hard features

Galaxy Watch Active Watch's watches will give a fantastic view 1.1 "roundabout, which is the tenth smaller smaller than Galaxy Watch 42mm (review) or older Gear Sport. It is, in fact, Super AMOLED, who promise a clean net and their display is as if it were without frames.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Check

The display intention is 360 x 360 pixels (as in previous generations), and is covered by Gorilla Glass 3, which ensures high sustainability. In direct sunlight, the vision is very good, providing vibrant, lively colors and large vantage points. He also enjoys the ability to control the display of low-lying gloves or brightness in the dark.

The hour is very hard. The main driver is the double project process at Exynos 9110 with 1.15 GHz clock, which has 768 MB of memory. Internal storage has the potential of 4 GB (only 1.5 GB of space and music requirements for the user). Connection includes Wi-Fi 4 (here we have written about the new label), NFC and Bluetooth in the oldest version 4.2. The systems include GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 01
Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Gear Sport

Drying ANT +, which was required in old Gear S3 games. The sensors include a flue, a barometer, a gyroscope, a heart rate symbol, and a light sensor that controls the display clarity. It is also notable that it is time to meet the military status of MIL-STD-810G and 5 water protection ATM, so it is suitable for swimming, but not for diving.

Life expectancy: adequate enough

Within the clock, a portable battery is capable of 230 mAh, which is a 70 mA drop compared to Sport Gear and 30 mAh compared to the Galaxy Watch 42mm. A green wireless tax takes about two hours to attack. Reloading is provided by wireless Qi technology, so a wireless car powder, a new 10,000mAh power bank with wireless repaired from Samsung, or the back of Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 + and S10e smartphones.

The producer notes an average of 45 hours of watch life in normal usage (up to 90 hours in light usage). This is capable of producing, at least in isolation, the existing display screen, automatic detection, automated GPS, continuous monitoring of heart levels, activation from time to time, music player, etc ), continue Bluetooth, receive and handle messages.

With a full-time line of Always from on, the highest level of display, increased sports and an on-going use of applications (including games), the watch can only be seen one day. I put my eyes out every day and I was in no way. I got messages, sometimes using apps and making sport with and without GPS. I set the glass to carry out continuous, heart monitoring and sleep registration.

If you often do sports with GPS, the battery life can be quickly reduced. The "robot" function is highly commended when removing and switching off the clock for good capability. This breaks in the information, the display is off and most of the work is canceled. For instance, the Apple Watch does not have this capabilities that makes it so special so I have to praise Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is also costing behind the major S10, S10 + and S10e models
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is also costing behind the major S10, S10 + and S10e models

Waiting to comply will reduce, some features will help to gray size, only allow requests for a message and call, and only display your display. In this way, the watch lasts up to 5 days.

It is also possible to turn the “look-alone” mode, where the batteries are up to 40 days without charge. Unfortunately, I can't check this feature during my trial for two weeks. The battery view is a very useful feature, and the watch will advise you on how to optimize the options for the longest period of time.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active: Athletes focused on

Samsung, with new clips, is aimed at sports users. Watch Active can monitor up to 39 sports activities (particularly fitness exercise) and automatically search for automated activity. Before you start playing sport, you will no longer forget to check your survey. The watch automatically identifies whether you are running, cycling, exchanging, using epic training, or doing dynamic training.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 07

My watch is usually looking for walking, which measures the number of measures, calories burned, pulse rate, kilometers and speed. As with Everyday Activities, there are numbers of lost bridges, number of lost charges, heart rate, burnt calories, or (one) an executive summary. If you are active for more than an hour, the watch will allow you to spindle anyway.

In addition to the previously installed Samsung Health app, you can download a variety of apps under Armor, such as Endomondo, MapMyRun, MyFitnessPal, Under Armor Record, and Under Armor dial – your own day. It also has a very popular machine or many other sporting applications.

Heavy weight and heart monitoring

Watches have taken part in Stress Tracker to help the user by exercising their breathing exercise through relaxation and relaxation. You can also try out new ways of thinking. The heartbeat can continuously measure a heart level that has been built into your heart so that your watch can immediately notice you about unusual values.

Even swimmers don't come well

The Galaxy Watch Active, based on Sports Gear and Galaxy Watch, is full of 5 ATM water protection. They are therefore suitable for bathing, but they do not want to deeply dive. Also, it is not forgotten that the screen would be disabled. You can do this at the top of a short cut, or turn automatically when you start swimming.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 30

Swimming activity allows two basic exercises – bath and outdoor. In the first instance, the exercise time, the 100-meter distance, the calories are burned, the heart rate, the number of swimming pools, or the length and type of ponds recorded. T Also, for swimming outdoors you have data about the distance traveled by GPS.

Unfortunately the application cannot record failure, specify a style, or set SWOLF scores. For better swimming it must reach third party applications. For example, Endomondo or are the more advanced swimming training tools. These apps allow you to monitor easily and easily value such as swimming pool numbers, time for one bath, swimming style, heart level, calories and much more.

Sleep is really important, Watch Active is fully measured

Do you want to have an overall view of your health? Then you will be happy to watch Active Active look after your sleep. Sleep activity is classified in four levels (pour, light and deep sleep or REM level). The regulation of calories or calories is also monitored.

You can view all the data you view and phone as a graph and statistics. An interesting feature is that if you are warned to watch, you will leave it at the easier time around the set time to wake up.

Operating system and telephone contact systems

Samsung has pledged to operate his own Tizen operating system for viewing, and it's no different from Watch Active. Specifically, this is a version 4.0, which you may know about previous models, but it has also helped a new One UI user interface.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 06

It should be noted first that the clock can be combined with Android 5.0+ (with at least 1.5GB RAM) phones or with all iPhones (iPhone 5) with iOS 9.0 and beyond .

The Bluetooth connection is remote with Wi-Fi. Galaxy Wearable provides full management of clocks, eg uploading, submitting applications or preparing clock faces. If you want to use sports and sleeping searching, you must install Samsung Health.

A New Environment Environment that uses it

The new One UI interface provides greater emphasis on the dark, more lightweight, or innovative features of the dark environment. The basic environment of the environment is that you can adapt, change jobs and color. You can choose from 13 pre-determined pages or a large number of dragons (mostly paid) in the Galaxy Apps.

If you drag your finger anywhere in the system, you will see an instant menu menu and a battery status signal. Newly, you can scroll through the menus with a switch, allowing you to take up to 16 quick tests.

To the left of the clock, you will be able to find out, answer, delete, display and confirm your answer. You can answer messages, emails, etc with emoticons, quick answers, or text through the keyboard, which are incredibly well written by looking at scissors words.

There is also text access in a number of world languages ​​(English, German, French, etc). You can answer or call a call with a quick answer. On the right is the widgets, that's an interactive board, where you can add to your calendar, weather, pet pet, fitness agent and many more.

Many applications are still outstanding

You can install apps directly from the watch with thanks from Galaxy Apps. All the tools are in the menu, which is extended. Just deleting the image and its name will be in the middle, this will send the request when you contact us. The first article on the menu is a list of applications that can be left or move between.

All the necessary tools are installed in the clock. The ones you should download sure include calculator, voice memo, Samsung Internet, THIS SEO, UBER, Spotify, Endomondo, My Car, Altimeter and more. I really enjoyed the “Presenter” application, which allows you to control PowerPoint or your Bluetooth computer mouse.

Good features to make your life easier

Another feature I enjoy personally is as the Daily Overview. The watch shows you every day in the morning what awaits you that day. What kind of weather will be, what events do you have today, what is waiting for you for sports activity, or what power is left, ie how long it will be spread out? . You will also be given the same night vision, which will give you a message about how successful your day was and what awaits you tomorrow.

The watch shows the Always-on display, which clicks on it (with reduced speed), giving a view of digital or classical watch. I have to pay an application for the clock setting, where you can set up your mode so that messages, messages, links are not handled (such as Wi-Fi automatically, or Bluetooth phone conversations) and many other settings t .

The surveillance system runs surprisingly and smoothly. My apps are fast-loaded and I don't have to wait for anything or something to do. I also enjoy the appearance of the environment and the features which Tizen and One UI offer, but unfortunately there are fewer applications for competition with others watched by Apple Watch. Likewise, in the Czech Republic, we must forget about paying without knowing, because Samsung Pay is not yet supporting us.

Active Review Samsung Galaxy Watch: Final Investigation

I really like the smart watch of Samsung Galaxy Watch. I am pleased that Samsung has made a new designs after a few years, which has brought great benefit to the watch. Their design was simple, but elegant. The watch is very comfortable to wear, it doesn't really matter when you play sports, and you don't have to be worried about going to more formal clothes. I also have to praise the different colors that you buy a new clock, certainly everyone chooses.

You'll also understand the classic 20mm strap connection, so there's no problem in buying any other tap with that playground and making it a comfortable place. The laborer must also give praise for the substance of the pack, particularly the other strap in size L. Although the seal is only a rubber, but it is very pleasant, soft to the skin and the clothes, and I do. the attraction (unusual) is very popular.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 27
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

I will continue with other directions. I need to identify the quality of the display that is small and impacting on everybody, but there are beautiful colors, high ambiguities and more that you can control it with gloves. Yes, as long as the watch has no normal rotating bezel for Samsung but I am really careless. The system is still very comfortable, which also receives support from the new environment One UI.

And I'll stay with the system for a while. Tizen is fast, fast and smooth, but unfortunately it does not offer too many applications. Today, when I was very familiar with paying on the phone, I'm sorry that Samsung Pay is not available in the Czech Republic and pay by watching, so we must forget. But even with the system you will get all the necessary requests and many useful features.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 21
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

It is a small amount which is not a loudspeaker, not only for calling, but also for sound or Bixby helpers, or voice management. I keep appearing with the prejudices for time. It is a slight disappointment with the battery life, which is usually among smart actors and perhaps better. It is not even joy to slow down slower, but a decentral charge, a power saving procedure, or a battery top-up operation could make a difference.

Galaxy Watch Active is fulfilling its role as a good sports watchman, although they cannot measure with only more expensive watches and with a sports focus. It's good that they give 5 watches of water, so they are also suitable for swimmers (on occasion). There are also lots of tools for measuring sport.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 29
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

The benefits of the hours include a new slippery design, a small metal body, a high quality display, a Tizen operating system with many apps and smart features, recording sporting activities including sleeping. beat, weighs GPS in 5, ATM defensive and price too compared to previous generations of the Gear and Apple competition, it's 6,499 CZK.

Samsung Galaxy Watch's biggest competitors include an old sister of the old people who are watching Gear Sports (you can read the review here), which will look at a moving bezel or a lower price. Also has the Huawei Watch GT (review) and Honor Watch Magic (new review). These two modules offer greater sustainability and many sporting features, but they do have a worse operating system. I can also describe the review of Xiaomi Amazfit Verge, which gives a more fun and cheaper view. You can also look for more Xiaomi scenes, older generations of Apple Watch or access for people with more Galaxy Watch (review) capabilities.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Design and processing

8.3 / 10

Getting comfort

9.2 / 10

Fair (+)

  • accurate accurate display
  • feel comfortable even in sport
  • excellent work and interesting design
  • swimming (5ATM) and sporting features
  • classic 20mm strap fastening and the second strap included
  • a large Tizen system with One UI
  • sun control
  • all compatible with Android and iOS

CONS (-)

  • battery life could be better
  • tighter charges
  • a significant number of submissions and third party submissions on poor quality
  • for someone smaller in size, lack of coloring or travel flame

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