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Samsung Revolution. From now on he will sell these new models

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It is a huge adjustment and Samsung has promised to repeat the competition there. What in the new Galaxy Galaxy roots are loaded up with free phones. So more precisely, the model module errors that Samsung will be selling in the Czech Republic. A company of Gloucester Coal engines, but not sold in the Czech Republic. Stay with the Loskch J. model.

Alternatively, on the other hand, Galaxy A is spreading out and under the Galaxy S modules. But let us use this main module as a cake cake, some cheaper tools that can to take part in the aggressive competition.

First sight. Samsung's New A for marketing the following market models: A20e, A40, A50, A70 and A80. Glomach have developed many modules, such as A10, A20, and A30, and they don't sell the sack as they are in the Czech Republic. All the Samsung symbols were introduced into the European top team in Italy Miln.

The best: Samsung A80

The best model will be introduced separately, its unusual building will be sent away, and with a price of 16 999 K it may not be a fault. Even if it relates to vbavu again, the value is not an unlimited one, with someone in the middle middle.

The main picture is the oton picture. He used the producer to delete the display or display window for the camera. Take the phone directly to the main picture folder, which goes up to the top of the phone when it arrives on the phone. A number of Czech shops such as Oppo or Xiaomi saw similar pictures. With this concept in mind, the 6.7-inch exhibition is free.

The camera camera is largely a irokohl lens and 3D TOF camera. The phone is made of metal and glass and is very easy to understand. It is also easy to get up to speeding. a teka fingerprint is displayed. This module will be at the end of May.

Held in the center, cheaper: A70 and A50

In the center of the menu, there are two similar characteristics together. The A50 u is far back and was sold. According to this, these are the most interesting of the cell. Galaxy A70 is very similar, with prices of 1,500 crowns compared to the A50 compared to the A50. Perhaps some people, and more, might not affect someone of salary.

Both models have an Super AMOLED display with an integrated website. A50 m of 6.4 inches, A70 of 6.7 inches. They both visit the horn for a selfie camera. You use the Snapdragon 6150, A50 in Exynos 9610. We accept that there is no difference between the two models. The benefit of a model is more memory, m 6 GB, cheap A50 m 4 GB. The user can also recall 128 GB of both models and memory card slots.

There are also photographic photographs ie a mix of main, irokohlho and a support depth for field depth. A70m of the main 32 Mpix virus, A50, then 25Mpix seized at the same light f / 2.0. The paperwork remains of the same. The front cameras as main camera are backed up at the back, ie 32 Mpix for the A70 and 25 Mpix for the A50.

The A70 is a house and a battery has a capacity of 4,500 mAh. 500 men mAh. Both are available for immediate access. The Samsung A50 can be bought at 8,999 K, and the A70 can be sold at 10,499 K in mid-April.

Levnj, not another option for luggage: A40 and A20e

The most popular marketplace models are the A40 and A20e models. The display is not a model with a simple angle lens.

A well 20e model, like the same HD + TFT panel, is called A40 m by Super AMOLED. bulls were too strong: the A20e m 5.8 inches free, then the A40 and 5.9 inches. The company's two Exynos processor modules, version 7904 will be on the A40 and 7884 on the A20e. There are 3 GB memory of the time and 32 GB of memory memory. The A40 m model has a very well-remembered memory, particularly 4 + 64 GB.

Foky's two phones have two lenses at the back, a deep depth in the range. A40 m rozlena snmae 16 Mpix with light f / 1.7, with A20e m rozlien ipu 13 Mpix with lightness f / 1.9. Vpedu is separated in: A40 m staggering 25 Mpix, A20e then just 8 Mpix. The batteries are virtually the same, with 3,100 and 3,000 mAh of which is the capability, which is excellent.

The Samsung A20e with a plastic body can be sold during May
4 999 K. The A40 is then sold on Friday, 12 April for 6,499 K.

In our modules, we provide details.

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