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SEAT launched the new Tarraco SUV. We went on to Ještěd

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We have said several times, but we will repeat it. The logo that SUV offers today does not seem to have existed. In the same way, a brand that does not offer large SUVs is a? caring for customers. And he is also very aware of the Spanish SEAT, which is next to the war Arona and SUVs Ateca Recently, SUV was raised even more Tarraco.

Before we reach a car, you should know that the Tarraco name has not got anything new for anything. Tarraco was named after the city of the Tarragona Mediterranean, a historic and cultural center with spectacular architecture, but also a spirit. On the way, Tarraco is elected in public voting with over 146,000 followers who participated in the final #SEATseekingName level we wanted you to read about you can hereSouth Westerly

And now to their own car. SEAT has been trying to do its & # 39; Most of the room, as seen as Tarraco can also be ordered in seven seats. In addition, SEAT offers a large indoor interior, but it also offers a large amount of internal space. gives a good view of the car. This is why the seats are located higher than you may be accustomed to. Do not be scared, however, that you have a feeling in a & # 39; car you are sitting in a tram. SEAT Seat is much fairer.

Even outside, Tarraco is a bit of a car. The length is 4735 mm, 1839 mm wide and 1658 mm thick. Whatever you are afraid of getting a car, do not worry. From the driver's condition, the car is significantly smaller. From outside, this SUV will take the face of a new face, which can be played on other models as a banner, as well as LED conveyor lights. A special format with interlinked lights is special. But you, unlike Audi Models in the tie strip.

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The inside is equivalent to the Atex sister. But there is one difference, and a lot, here. The difference is that the display is "information center" at 8. It is as easy to read as possible to the crew, which we can prove. He'll see it well on a clear day, when the sun goes to the sun; pressure. There are large presentations in fashion today, but in this case we believe it can be even bigger. SEAT gave him a large size frame. The dimensions were also included with the place for the controls alongside, that I did not have to use it.

And when we are at this exhibition, we have to comment on one major release that was launched by the Tarraco model at SEAT. This is a functionality that's a # 39; Regulate that the new SUV offers, however, only when you order it with the big display and the Plus sailing system. But do not expect to have similar features as you need BMW, how to change radio stations and songs, or to enlarge and & # 39; reduce the amount. The SEAT has a behavioral awareness of the display and thus does not move but move from left to right and again in the infotainment menu. But SEAT is still working on this role and it will be faster to be able to; controlling activity. For the time, you need normal normal cleansing control that is clear and amazing.

Because we live at a time that we can not do without a smartphone, it will become more interesting as individual cars can be able to; go out with a link Tarraco is doing well. You can see the most important information on the center display that uses full SEAT Connection technology. In fact, support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Tarraco also works with the App SEAT Drive, which allows you to record recordings, check the status of vehicles, or find paths through Shazam.

SEAT Tarraco can already be ordered. Prices starting at CZK 762,900

Chassis and motorization

The new SUV stands on the platform MQB long wheel speed. The ATAT Tarraco face wheels are independently split on MacPherson's wings and a lower armor with debris wood and water gutters. At the back there is a multi-emblem axle, also with debris wood and waterproof blisters. Orders of the Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) adapter can also be ordered to help Tarraco manage both more fun paths and broken roads or longer routes so that the team is always satisfied.

The driver can choose the best option (Normal, Eco no Sport), but the system also automatically moves to the driving situation; at the moment and it changes the striking features according to the road surface and the trip style. DCC will use electricly-controlled freight, and the senses will be installed; keep track of individual wheel movements regularly and the control unit will count the best windstorm according to the data obtained.

The new one still comes with a pair of petrol and two diesel engines. We write "so far", as in the coming days there will be a bilingual version. So far, however, you need to have a pair of TSI 1.5 or 2.0 liters of 150 and 190 pp. It is daily to offer the TD TD 2.0 unit in two 150-horse and 190-horse power. Then you will be able to choose a six-fast DSG six-speed or dual-link device. But it always depends on motoring. Likewise, it is 4Drive wheel drive, which does not get any Tarraco.

First time

For the first introduction, we chose Tarraco in the & # 39; Main Xcellence with two-liter diesel in the background. In this case, work with DSG seven-speed and drive the wheels, eliminate 190 cp and a torque of 400 Nm. The price of a car is therefore CZK 1,266,700 equipped with VAT, but it must be said that there seems to be something to do; You could choose between the additional materials. The basic price of the vehicle is 0 044 900 CZK.

SEAT-Tarraco-first-ride (13) "width =" 1100 "height =" 733 "srcset =" jízda- 13.jpg 1100w,í-jezda-13-768x512.jpg 768w, https: // auto-mania. cz / wp-content / uploads / 2019/02 / SEAT-Tarraco-first-ride-13-300x200.jpg 300w, -první-jízda-13-630x420.jpg 630w,í-jezda-13-640x426.jpg 640w, https: / /í-jezda-13-681x454.jpg 681w "sizes =" (max-width: 1100px) 100vw, 1100px

You realize that there is a lot of room in the car after you get behind it; wheel. There was a co-worker in the seat of the travelers that was slightly higher than me, and although he sat so comfortable, there was still a lot of room behind him. Do not suffer to sit the driver even longer and more people are not visible. The driver has everything inside a range, and if you know a few cars, the driver's focus is just a few seconds.

One thing is the first feeling after you get into the car, but to first feeling after the trip. Tarraco is very comfortable, the chassis can circulate road inequalities that the test short course was very good. The tours were under Ještěd and there was a lot of snow on the roads. We went up to a watch tower. Thanks to good winter tires and driving all of us, we did not find any uncertainty when we were in a position; riding in a hill. We tried Tarraco on quick, fast-track roads under the watch tower and we recommended the answer to the steering wheel.

Sadly, however, it's the delay; on an accelerated pedal, which is a problem with many cars that have been sold today. However, the other side is true to some of the Audi modules the delay was much shorter, but you did not get used to it. Even the gear box is worthy of praise, but if you feel you need to help it, or do it better, it will help you under the driving wheel.

Tarrach's first meeting was very enjoyable and fascinating in some ways. We expected that the Ateca would be bigger, but the news is really much better. Certainly, those who carry a lot of interest will interest and also go on long trips, as well as those who need every child, take their mother and the dog to spring holidays. After that, how Tarraco is able to try a daily life in just a few weeks when he was parking in the editorial garage.

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