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Stadium Strahov goes to the ground. The hall will be replaced by Sáblíková

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Even though Martina Sáblíková is celebrating world-class speed success, it still has no hall with other athletes themselves as they can train and show themselves to an audience in their own environment. Most faster settlers need to prepare for overseas races, or train on domestic ponds and water reservoirs if weather permits. This is to change within five years.

Since 2005, when Sáblíková started its success in global competition and the payout is paid, there is talk of building a new ice rink where skiers can train quickly. The new multi-functional sports hall is now located on the Strahov Stop site. The Czech Republic wants to organize the World Fast Ski Championships in 2024, which is the date the completion should be completed.

The new multi-sport winter sports project was produced by an AZ Sports Architects studio led by Kamil Čeplon. "It has been an architectural problem, the hall will be big, but it is not just a speed-stop, the building does lots of other activities," said Čeploň for Part of the piece of work was also a desire to make the prospectus a major part of the town. As a result, the building will be taller than usual for similar halls.

The hall will not be exactly for a distance captain

“The project will only be processed until now. We know who the stadium will look like, but other buildings should be around for use in sport, business centers or offices, ”which explain Čeploň.

The agreed construction budget is 10.8 billion pounds. The hall itself will be one of the biggest flight flights in the world. The sitting-room can host up to 25,000 spectators, which is currently nearly five miles beyond the capacity of the Sineao Arena Slavia, and has the capacity at the O2 Arena for eighteen seats. The largest skating hall in Shenyang, China, holds up to seventy thousand supporters.

Prague wants to build on the old style of concerts

According to the contracting authority, which is the capital of Prague, with its Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture, the potential should be particularly suitable for the development of major cultural events. In the past, the biggest recordings of the nation's history were held in Strahovi, such as Rolling Stones and the Nedved Brothers, we hope that, as a result of the new building, the tradition will be accepted. said, "said Prague City Hall in a press release. t However, the new hall will only be one tenth of the original capacity of the fourth quarter stadium.

Do you like the look of the new playroom in Strahov?

The Czech Republic does not yet have many active followers of fast scaling. According to estimates of the Skaters' Association, they regularly run around the twenty major overseas territories. “But they are just fantastic and they can always create a real sense for the competitors,” said Hynek Ostry, chair of the association for, saying that it is a real foundation for acquisition. in the future.

"When we have our own hall together, followers will be added," said Ostrý. He added that the hall would be used not only for skiers. Central in the middle of the egg, there will be two hockey parks, which can be used for filming, curling, or the hockey group which is becoming more popular, compared to standard hockey. T , played on eleven people on a large playground with a small penny. The architects don't like the design.

"It's like a mausoleum," the architects criticize

"The project is really awful," said the Czech Union in Architects, Kateřina Zbořilová, for “I don't understand that something like this can happen without a public architecture competition,” she said, “The big building is not only for use, but above this. it is extinct.

"Instead of a gymnasium, it looks like a gravestone for the last naval captain," Zbořilová added. He believes that the building price is too high. Accordingly, funding for such a building should not go from the public budget, except from private investors. “The project is commercial, and no practical benefit to people. The state should put away its hands like that, ”said Zbořilová.

However, AZ Sports Architects refuse to criticize. “I wanted to do something that would make a big impact in shaping the future of the capital and building on the previous experience. This was also part of the task, ”explained Čeploň. Depending on the information, projects such as these should not attempt unprovoked new solutions, but rather than building on the site as it is, the studios chose hard as the main building material.

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