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The bombers started fire to the attack, one of them. The police have a police

Criminals have completed the six-year firearm investigation that took place at the end of August in the Libivá town in Šumperk. Inspectors have also asked for knowledge from a medical and transport industry.

"He left a tough accident caused by an unsuitable distance that the truck driver did not change to his abilities, his vehicle's features and his / her charging, traffic situation, weather and other situations what is expected, "said police spokesman Jiri Vybíhalová.

So tank drivers are being disturbed to be killed by physical neglect and abuse due to disorder. "If a guilty person is found guilty and convicted, prison sentences can be convicted of six years," said Vybíhalová.

On 24 August, the fireman tried to hit the tank, but the police said he was in a position; Gutting on the wet road and going to the other side, where he stopped a car across. Finally, the fire truck finished in a ditch where it turned to the top.

In the crash, leader of the Jiří Rýznar fighting team, who was 29 years old for his choir, died. The tanker drastically suffered a lot, with two other colleagues injured slightly. The fire fighters named fire, in support of the deceased's family and its badly injured colleagues, the collection.

"There was also a slight concern with the driver of the VW Polo, which allowed to let fire travel with a moving movement and a trip to the right," said Vybíhalová. Your co-driver did not happen. The damage of the 4.5 million crowns was estimated.

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