The British Queen, Prince Philip, gave the driver's license after two incidents

The British superintendent, Prince Philip, surrendered his voluntary devolution voluntarily. Buckingham Palace named him. The Prince in January caused an accident because he was rude, but others suffered a slight injury.

"The Duke of Edinburgh, after careful consideration, has decided to surrender a driving license on a voluntary basis," said the palace.

The road crash happened on 17 January near the royal royal house in Sandringham, eastern England. A car that the Prince started with another car started and brought to the side. Driver of the second car had a short laptop, which was interrupted with a laptop. A child was nine months old in the car.

According to the witnesses, the prince moved to the main road. He protected herself with sunlight. Two days after the incident, police told him he was driving accidentally. The Prince denied an excuse after the accident.

Elizabeth II. has been taken out of public life in the last year; it's a & n; appear completely alongside the ruler.

There is no higher age limit for driving in the UK. Drivers over 70 years of age must be allowed to carry a vehicle every three years.

Reuters told her that she had been attacking King Abdullah during the Second World War attack in Saudi Arabia when he was a prince in 1998 as a driver and standing in Britain in 1998.

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