The Czech Republic is worried about a cold disease, another man died!

There are currently more than 1,600 patients per 100,000 residents in Vysočina. Most of them are in Žďársk, where there are almost 1,900 patients per cent thousand occupants, an average of 200 more than in the last week.

All-Republican emergencies, including influenza, are reported, and suffering from 1715 people per 100,000 residents, who are already infected. The most likely sectors are Plzeňský, Liberecký, Jihomoravský and Moravskoslezský.

"The latest data prepared by the State Health Institute is to confirm that there is a severe influenza disease throughout the Czech Republic, which influences influenza A viruses in particular , "said Eva Gottvald, Chief Executive of the Czech Republic.

Elderly people in the Czech Republic are constantly increasing, some health stations have already put out tips that hospitals should be including a ban on trips.

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