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The driver in Klatovy was quick, the bus stopped with him –

For an accident in Velhartice in July, Klatovy, the 44-year Police Chief has now been seriously injured. One of the passengers was breaking his leg when he hit the ground and could not go for two months.

"Just as the door of the shop closed behind the driver, the bus moved. At that time we were four," Bronislava Naušová remembered the summer times of drama.

"The girl and the baby first jumped. I disturbed me for a moment, because the girl who waited for us to try to stop her & # 39 ; bus. But that did not work, "she continued.

That's what the bus has been running up and running. "I'm working on a rescue service and I have included an accident that can be completed," said Nausova.

Jumped blind

"I did not see where we were, and I jumped out," said a 52-year-old woman.

She told her he was a blind jump. "There was no time to look around, I just had a feeling like I had to leave my bus just. It was a self-contained myth of legend; , "she remembered interesting months. After its impact on the road its casing is going out.

"In the summer, I had sandals, so I got it," she said.

The speed of the bus could not be & # 39; to tell Nausea. "But it was really great for me," she said. She warned him that nobody had spoken to her yet. "The driver died in a question even to be blessed," she said.

The driver was not accused, the words, even noticed that the bus was away with the people. "When I bought and went out of my shop, I found out it was in a nearby house garden," said Pavel Ch.

By ensuring the safety of the persons carried, it performed according to the inspectors; legal breach of road traffic.

In addition, he broke a rule within the transport company, which is including different if the driver leaves his / her; by bus, he must start the wheels with pens.

"The non-governing bus was accelerated and the passengers could not quantify how the trip would be completed. They would have to make a decision soon, they had no choice but jumping out of their mail, "said the examiners.

If a driver's claim is confirmed in the court, there is a risk reduction in addition to an annual jail.

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