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The Euphoria. For we couldn't and are doing anything? he laughed at Traor

Ibrahim-Benjamin Traor is a stall of glomach to FC FC. Brank Tom Vaclk could not damage the weak vision.

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The last football player may be. Ibrahim Traor will be working on vpn, balhrv balvv to Peter Olayinka, who is returning to steal … And about that later, slvistick break their euphoria out. Fantastick, marvelous, high! he was delighted at the event 4: 3 after being promoted to the League of Europe.

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Slavia played one of the best sites in history. The drama was starring Seville one hundred and twenty minutes, and Ibrahim Traor passed through.

From the middle of the disease and as well as the 119th decision. When the hero is but nectm, the cel tm of the warriors. Kad hr, he said a little.

So how can you read?
It's a big result, well back, Seville is one of the best darkness in world history, a double amp. But today it was … everyone was perfect and they left everything with the beat.

Did you go in that bin after you had collected your gatherings to 2: 3?
Upmn km, I thought it was over. But I have seen it going with it: so we will go to see it. Don't know what to do. And we won, fantastic. Everyone, in the cabins as president of the club, did it. We're hard.

Where do you stop?
We hope that the evening has gone on. The next round is called Chelsea, Arsenal and, as they are against, the enemies quickly. I guess who has been lost, and we will be ready. But then, couldn't we go into that? For no? That's what it is, isn't it? (smv)

And when do you mark?
No, I must forgive, I was 120 minutes. It's not easy. T (smv) Immediately in the morning, Pbram, losing trink, mon We're getting into the celebrations after Pram. But that little duke thought.

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