The number of clicks that can be achieved in men can show the heart attack and other heart problems –

Scientists have found that people with 40 strokes or more of heart problems have a 96% lower risk of severe heart disease or heart problems. handle 10 or less strokes.

In addition, this test method can predict more than stress-based analysis, cholesterol, smoking and other health information. This is a very cheap business.

How do scientists come to this search?

Scientists from Harvard University of the US and other health centers and more than 1,500 firefighters. Firefighters have carried out a medical examination every year that included a general biochemical blood test, and including cholesterol and glycemia (blood sugar). At the same time they went out under a tight pile test on a plumb mill that showed their stomach.

Initially the scientist was interested in the bad test, as a number of previous scientific studies have shown their relationship between continuity and a lower risk of heart disease, and were based on the product, want to predict those problems in the future.

So they collected information about the result of the weight tests of each fire brigade and recorded all cardiovascular problems that firefighters had in the fire over the next 10 years.

At the same time, however, they found that the rigid probation was not invalidated with a & # 39; describes the health of the firefighters as well as the number of people who would treat at one time.

The men who achieved at least 11 stones had a lower risk for developing heart problems in the last 10 years than those who made 10 or less strokes. And those who made 40 clicks or more at risk are reduced by 96%.

"The number of clicks may be one of the appropriate indicators that are at risk of cardiovascular disease in men. In addition, this is a test that does not cost anything," One of Professor Stefanos Kales from Harvard Medical School, one of the sciences, told The New York Times.

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