The richest person goes down on the platform: he has personal pictures with a schoolmaster

By publishing close images with his master, it was said that he would Bezos threatens the weekly owner of David Pecker. In January, Boulevard wrote about the relationship between a married billionaire and an old television reporter Lauren Sanchez.

The Amazon founder has employs private researchers. It was expected to find out where the newsletter came from.

The American magazine then began to threaten Bezos that the danger was to stop the investigation. But he sent out all e-mail addresses with his / her blog every week. "I rather prefer the position and announcement of this communication instead of being black," wrote Bezos.

The biller also said the Boulevard wanted a fraudulent public reporting. It was said that the National Representative's interest was not a politician's promotion by Lauren Sanchez. Packer's leader is a good support for US President Trump.

On the other hand, the Washington Post is in Bezos. But to buy, however, according to his words, he made enemies among some influential people. Among them is President Donald Trump.

Co-operation with Donald Trump's president's campaign has now enabled the publisher. On Friday, the weeks said he would investigate the inside of the Amazon chief's expenses.

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