The situation will normally return after the weekend ends, the bag is full of night frost. Home

Prey The situation was after to erase in the middle and in the mornings somewhere to go; move down. Outside the traffic, there are only a few roads, and at Plzeskm the railways. Without wind flow, only a few slums were left, depending on the distribution of the companies, they were going to the normal winter. Kladno could have been in a tough situation to eliminate the situation he had been asking for Sunday.

A calm man was a lunar fan, for example, the fire went out in the morning only because of the 1200 conglomeration, which is seven times longer than her; daily average. By removing the trees and the branches that would swim and help to & # 39; spinning the snow somewhere. This danger, according to some town halls and enclosed, was due to the Michalov park and the Perov or Prhonick park town near Prague.

Meteorologists have warned about paths that shake half of the earth during the night. The teas can fall to 12 and less than 15 degrees Celsius. Without electricity, however, there are only a few homes, with more than 7,700 evenings and a double.

The situation did not even settle in Kladno, where the afternoon was after snow at main traffic and its; most behaviors. From the safety areas, Brjansk Internet Hall, the SK stadium and winter stadium were stopped, its steeple is in a state of emergency. Snh z n but they noticed in the morning climbers.

For Prague too

In Stedoeskm, according to the available information, the roads in the towns of Solenice and Bohostice in Prussia are closed. The D1, D8 and Prague Prague took care of the afternoon.

In the south of the county, there are still a few snowstones, not in the Krunch Mountains. Strengths, however, broke through the roads around Petrovice and Telnice, but from the road from Litvinov to Mnk and from Klny do Eskho Jietna for most. The route from Horn Hale to Mdnec, which is widely used by the local people of Lyai during the trips to Klnovec or Bkai, is also closed.

In Plzeskmshire, due to the other trees born under the snow, they closed the paths. Among them, the busy movement from Plzeň to Prague, depending on the eskch drah site, was going on. At the same time, the main road from Pilsen to Klatovy was covered by the Iron Ruh. These mimesities came up before 18:00. At 22:00, traffic between Domalic and Furth im Wald, paid off Sunday afternoon, should be reduced, as there are new trees. The roads in the country were full of rivers.

Throughout the day, all unpaid forces were also transported to other departments. For example, in the Liberec division there are eight crosses between the Odolenovice settlements and the rider, which had risen in the evenings. With caution, every road in the Olomouc district, where the dog dog drew ten centimeters of snow, it's cautious.

However, they warned the snow snow in the open seas and the mountains. They can be done in Svitavy and Lankroun in the Pardubice area. He was strong at Bruntl in the Moravian-Silesian Department. In the south of Moray, roads can be seen.

The current day is & # 39; to return home

After the end of the weekend, they stayed on the streets in the middle of the evening with just something just a bit. At noon after midnight there were 7700 pounds without electricity and twice. The problems were mostly in southern Asia and in Moravia. A state was spread to normal and winter situations, including EZ Soa Holingerov and E.ON Distributing Martin Slavkov.

EZ Record at about 20:00 with just debris streams without power. I'm going to kill a problem at a & # 39; bottom, but no situation is spread in the system in the winter, Holinger said. In the evenings, the largest EZ shores in Plzeskm and Stedoeskm and so in Olomouc.

Therefore, the distribution of E.ON, which works in other consents and other Moravia, has been eliminated. Everything should be removed, the work has gone into the state, and after 20:00 you will talk to Slavkov. In other companies, the biggest problem was seen in Prachatice, Strakonice and Psecka, in another Moravia in Uherskohradisku, near the border with Slobhacia.

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