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Topolanek: Vaclav Klaus the youngest place in another place, Fiala should not be suffering from

The castle did not invite it to celebrate its 20th anniversary since it went to NATO today, but played an important role in strengthening the alliances of the alliances, setting up the Euro-Atlantic Council, in t actively advocated the US radar site at Brdy. "It's spicy, but I wasn't alone by sticking it. It comes into the policy of the castle – some people are bothering," said former Czech Minister Mirek Topolánek in an interview for Seznam TV.

But he said to the recommendation for President Milos Zeman: "I am pleased that the President has brought this event to a great extent, or it has turned our foreign policy in other places," he said. T It is in sympathetic terms with the head of state's consciousness for Russia and China.

As well as celebrating the anniversary of the North Atlantic Federation, Topolanek also mentioned the success of Czech diplomacy recently – a trip by the Prime Minister Andrej Babis in the US where he met the President of the USA Donald Trump.

"It's good that Andrej Babiš was in the White House, even though we were among the last countries that were close and we had a little push," said Topolanek.

According to the author, Andrej Babiš assumes Miloš Zeman, that the Czech Republic cannot pay.

There are sentences associated with the situation in China and engagement with trade relations moves eastwards, the old Czech man said. However, the Foreign Minister Tomáš Petříček from ESSD is not doing well. “It will be Brussels and Germany, a good social democracy," left Topolanek. "

It placed greater importance on the fact that retoric from Czech countries feels like a choir of singers, and that it was easier to read to foreign partners when he was in charge. Behind Klaus, we also went to the Castle in a series he didn't have to do, Alexandr Vondra, Mirek Topolánek and Karel Schwarzenberg, he was not his coffee cup but he was able to join our foreign policy. co-ordinating. ”

How do the current Liberal Democrats (ODS) decide not to damage the image of Václav Klaus the Younger or Alexandra Udženija? The first vice-chair confirmed that she was taking part in celebrating the owner of the Barrandov TV, Jaromír Soukup, although the party showed a stop in his programs when he finished; Soukup announced that a political movement was set up.

“As the first vice-chair of the event, the ODS didn't win up with Soukup,” said Topolanek.

He mentioned Václv Klaus the Younger as a remarkable surprise to the Civil Democratic Party. He finally drew the attention to the recital in the House where he was making comparisons between EU laws for Jewish transport.

"That statement would be without harm anywhere in the pub, but it should not be heard in the House. And it is bad that Petr Fiala had an apology for having to go to the counter. Yes, the role of chairman of the party is still one foot, but there is no way for anyone to keep out, ”said Topolanek.

According to the book, Klaus the youth is sometimes right, for example, he agrees with the idea of ​​GDPR, but his ideas go down in Klaus's scriptroom and stand. "It may already be in another place," said Mirek Topolánek.

We give the whole interview in the opening video.

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