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Two MEPs, Economist and Part Pirt. Hnut YES introduced the slogan of candidates to the European Home elections

PRAGUE The YES candidate will be for elections to the European Parliament, as well as MEP Dita Charanzov, a colleague of the European Parliament Martina Dlabajov and economist Martin Hlavek. The MEP MEP Radka Maxov will perform the act of pirtsk lpr from the Marinsk Lzn Ondej Knotek video player. In the news, Charanz announced the brightness of the voters' terms on the motion.

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The choir voted to allow all of the ANO nomination for European elections. We decided to lose people eagerly heard and ready to change Europe, it brought in the series of Charanz, which has been hailed as a blessed candidate by the transfer of his national dream.

Charanzov is a member of the European Parliament and Vice-Presidency of the In-Market Committee and the Protection of Consumers from July 2014. From November November, the European Liberal Alliance Federation and Democrats have t than mstopedsedkyn.

Andrej Babi, the chair of the board, said he hoped YES would be part of the European elections. Correspondingly, we need all the European Parliament not to take action that seriously affects the lives of our people, the entrepreneur, the industry. Sv hnut oxygen for pro-European.

The Eurovolby will be held this year on 24 May and 25, and the delegates in Brussels will have a total of 21 pieces. The ANO motion is a great Republic of the Czech Republic, according to the predicted outputs of the Czech Parliament, and published by the European Parliament. The estimate suggested that The YES could invite the current numbers of eight to eight marks. Druz takes the job that Pirti has put in with those people in sword and ODS.

In the European Parliament 's last vote in May 2014, YES won the same nutrition, as did the SSD, so TOP 09 did STAN. The KDU-SL, the Fellow and two ODS representatives were elected. One mandte free piping. At the time, the European Parliament's chairperson, Pavel Telika, was in charge of the election at the same time, which moved with the motion to disagree with Babi.

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