Sunday , September 15 2019
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U Lhotky of Prerovsku Born new birth –

“We've got information about finding a new dead baby in Lhotka in Prerov. We can only say that we have received that information and that we are dealing with it, ”said a police spokesman. It is likely that the police report will be distributed on Monday.

According to ČTK, the baby's body was stationed at a stream by Lhotka. Lhotka is a small independent town with sixty residents. It is less than nine kilometers from Přerov Hospital, where there is babybox.

The same issue has been dealt with by the police last year. Infant police were found in the parks at Verovan on 11 July. Probably a long time ago. However, the police chief of district crime, Jan Lisický, said this is not a brutal act and has been looked at by a police officer from Olomouc's geographical area. Investigators are still looking for her mother. So far, offenders have surveyed twelve women from the Czech Republic and overseas. At the same time, they asked the public to ask for a number of help, but to date they have failed.

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