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VIDEO: Borderlands 3 concerts, an illusion of the first trailer

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After many years of turbulence and speculation, the co-existence of the Borders continued tightly. This has been demonstrated in the presentation of PAX East from the CEO of Gearbox Randy Pitchford.

The Borders 3

Unable to read Comics Stylization to Borderlands.

As well as the lead trailer, we didn't know the location, but it certainly isn't in a marvelous way. Perhaps, by adhering to the strictly confidential graphics, it seems that he has sourced many of the DLCs on past debts. Which bird, Borderlands is the game, but the same decision.

From the trailer, if the accent is going to be outside Pandora's planet, we meet lots of old people from the past who can count on lots of original weapons. With a trailer and a billion!

As well as choosing a good game, the sack was given for information. The release date and stage from which the game is released is not released. We will receive the necessary information on 3 April.

In addition to the aforementioned debts, the HD repetition of the previously released messages, which will be free to the original owners of the games, was named during the slightly embarrassing show. And to make sure the Tot Tiny Tinas card game comes from the same world.

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