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VIDEO: Van Houtenov, Roden et al. Brno has been the first in the Glass Room

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The movie filmmaker Sive Film, from the Netherlands, is accepting one of the main responsibilities of Tugendhat Villa Brno. The two very mysterious characters volnomylenksk, a password, compares Han from the Glass Room and a red knight cultovnererilu. I don't like myself in private, honoring myself, laughing.

In Brno, Van Houtenovzahrla alongside Karel Roden, she worked with Tom Cruise at the same time, to make a comparison between the two actors. I had a good time with Karel Roden. Charles is as good as Tom Cruise's actor, but I benefit that you laugh.

As well as Rodena, Jan Plodkov, Vladimr Polvka, or real actors, who appeared in the film, they passed through the red carpet before Scala. Musician Petr Koleko, reisr snmkuJulius evk and producer Rudolf Biermann also joined.

The film is for girls who are twelve years old, but because I was seven years old I got the place where I wanted to play the Biermann main game.

I might not have time for English, Hebejk said

Even the writer Simon Mawer did not lose the main part of Brno. The first picture of Sklenn pokoj was made the first film. It is not long after the piel returned to Jan Janbekk, who first took over the room.

Didn't it work out? I might not be able to speak English enough, she replied with nadszka. Nectm hokost. Everyone involved in the film is wonderful. On the film, he made sure he had Hebejk.

Promtn was close to 18 hours, but this one did not meet the organizers. The reason was a little low star then laplie, released by the actor from the film Roland Møller.

On his way to the cinema, the angel pulses open to him, without giving him what the organizers offer him. So by the smv, the mat and the pepper words came up.

Festival-time managers took out two lkk pieces from a crowd, and so few prizes to books and t-shirts, they were asked to answer the questions. Following an assessment of the composition of the Villa Tugendhat center, which was 33, or the total cost of the rebuilding, the castle was spent by $ 174 million.

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